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BDO Exchange Rate – BDO Forex Today



1. Currencies other than USD are available in selected BDO branches only. Please go to:  to view list of selected branches.

2. Rates are indicative only and may change without prior notice. For updated rates, please contact your BDO branch.

3. All currencies are subject to availability.

4. BDO may reject notes that will be deemed counterfeit or demonetized.

Update date: 25/11/2022

Curr Buy Sell
USD 56.5000 57.0000
AED 13.0700 15.5300
AUD 37.3900 38.7400
BHD 126.7000 152.3800
BND 35.4500 41.4900
CAD 41.4500 42.9200
CHF 58.5600 60.6400
CNY 7.2881 7.9702
EUR 58.2100 59.6700
GBP 67.3600 69.3900
HKD 7.1594 7.3341
IDR 0.0031 0.0036
JPY 0.3981 0.4121
KRW 0.0368 0.0430
LYD 0.0000 0.0000
SAR 13.0000 15.1800
SGD 40.1902 41.6104
THB 1.4440 1.6074
TWD 1.5784 1.8572


BDO Unibank is regulated by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas with contact number (+632) 8708-7087
and with email address, and webchat at

For concerns, please visit any BDO branch nearest you, or contact us thru our 24×7 hotline (+632) 8631-8000 or email us via

The BDO, BDO Unibank and other BDO-related trademarks are owned by BDO Unibank, Inc.

What is BDO bank in the Philippines?

BDO is a full-service universal bank in the Philippines. It provides a complete array of industry-leading products and services including Lending (corporate and consumer), Deposit-taking, Foreign Exchange, Brokering, Trust and Investments, Credit Cards, Corporate Cash Management, and Remittances in the Philippines.


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