0% interest-rate. Approval: 95%. Get a personal loan with the best terms directly on your card in 5 minutes. Easy Quick cash loans app in Philippines.

What is online quick loan?

Quick loan or online loan is a form of unsecured loan that only requires ID card, phone number, bank account number with fast disbursement time (within 5 minutes to 24 hours).

Top 5+ Online loans Philippines with low interest and easy application

Loans Online Philippines Robocash

RoboCash – 0 % Interest rate For the first loan

First loan: up to 10 000 PHP. Amount: 1 000 PHP – 25 000 PHP. Age: 21 – 70. Term: 90 days – 6 months.


Loans Online Philippines MoneyCat

MoneyCat – Instant cash loans Up-to PHP 20,000

The first loan for free 0%: up to 20 000 PHP. Amount: 500 PHP – 20 000 PHP. Age: 22 – 75. Term: 90 days – 6 months.


Loans Online Philippines Crezu

Crezu – Fast Online Loans in Philipines: 1st Credit with 0%

First loan 0%: up to 20 000 PHP. Amount: 1 000 PHP – 20 000 PHP. Age: 18 – 70. Term: 62 days – 4 months.


Loans Online Philippines Credify

Credify – Online loans Philippines with beneficial rules

First loan up to 4000 PHP with 0% in 15 minutes. Receive money in a bank account or in cash. Service charge of 0 PHP.



SosCredit – Loans Philippines to new clients up to 7000 PHP without interest

First loan 0%: up to 7000 PHP. Amount: 1 000 PHP – 20 000 PHP. Age: 20 – 70. Term: 62 days – 1 year.


Online Loans Pilipinas

Online Loans Pilipinas – Get the first loan for free!

First loan 0%: up to 7000 PHP. Amount: 1 000 PHP – 20 000 PHP. Age: 22 – 70. Term: 7 days – 30 days.


Top 6+ Loans App Philippines With Low Interest

  1. Robocash online Loan App: 0% Interest rate For the first loan Up to PHP 25 000 for up to 180 days for repeat.
  2. MoneyCat Online Loan App: Up-to PHP 20,000 for up-to 180 days in 5 minutes First loan for FREE
  3. Crezu Online Loan App: Fast Online Loans in Philipines 1st Credit with 0%
  4. Credify Online Loan App: Online loans with beneficial rules up to 4000 ₱ with 0%.
  5. Online Loans Pilipinas: Interest Rate from 0,01% per day. Loan Amount Loan up to PHP 25.000
  6. SosCredit Online Loan App:  Receive in 15 minutes into your bank account Without guarantor and pledge up to ₱ 10 000.
  7. Mazilla Online Loan Website: Get money online in Philippines

Robocash online Loan App

Robocash online Loan App is a modern way of cash landing Loan app Philippines with fully automated features. Robocash loan online provides you a quick loans approval and it is the best Loan app Philippines in the market. Robocash App provides instant personal loan.

Developed by Robocash Philippines Co., Ltd., located at Level 7 Cyberpark Tower 1, 60 General Aguinaldo Ave., Cubao, Quezon City.

  • 0% Interest rate
  • Limit up to 25 000 ₱

To register for a Robocash loan, customers only need to meet the following conditions

  • You are between 21 and 70 years old and have a valid government ID.
  • You also need a valid mobile phone and a permanent address in a city in the Philippines.
  • You will also need to indicate your steady income.
  • As you can see, the requirements are simple and anyone can get a quick loan from Robocash.

The basic information about Online Robocash loan package

  • If it is your 1st loan – 15 days is max. period;
  • If it is repeated loan, period can be up to 3-6 months;
  • Max sum PHP 25000, but for the 1st loan up to PHP 10000;
  • Interest rate is up to 11,9% per month.


MoneyCat online Loan App

MoneyCat is an application – online loan support website with ID card developed by MoneyCat Financing Inc. Address: 10F, Rockwell Business Center , South Tower, Sheridan. Brgy. Highway Hills, Mandaluyong City.

With MoneyCat, you can get a loan from 1.000 – 20.000 PHP at 0% interest for the first loan.

To register for a MoneyCat loan, customers only need to meet the following conditions

  • Age from 22 years old.
  • Filipinos currently living in the Philippines.
  • Employed individuals and selected professionals.

The basic information about Online MoneyCat loan package

  • Loan limit: 1.000 – 20.000 PHP
  • Loan period: 10 – 30 days
  • Applicable interest rate: 11.9% per month
  • Disbursement method: ATM card or bank account
  • Repayment method:Pay online/ Bank Cash Payment/ GCash/DragonPay
  • Review time: 10 minutes
  • Disbursement time: 30 minutes
  • Document: ID card
  • 24/7 support time
  • Proof of income: Not required
  • Age: from 22 years old
  • For new customers, the applicable interest rate is 0% for a maximum loan of PHP 3.000


Online Loans Pilipinas App

OLP or Online Loan Pilipinas – apply your online loan 24/7. Your loan can be for any purpose, just read terms before, and, if everything ok, get your money with the help of microloan company.

Online Loans Pilipinas Corporation brand belongs to Infinto Group which is presented in Philippine, Malaysia, and Vietnam.

Address: Unit 1402-06, 14th Flr Tycoon Centre, Pearl Drive, San Antonio, Pasig City, Philippines.

It is a fast and easy way to get a loan online up to PHP 7000 if the 1st time. If you had already history in Online Loans Pilipinas, your loan can be up to PHP 20000. Loan duration is up to 30 days, but fewer days, less commission you will pay for the loan service.

With OLP you can get fast peso loan online in the Philippines. For this you need just 15 – 20 minutes your time. You can apply loan with website or mobile application.

To register for a Online Loans Pilipinas, customers only need to meet the following conditions

  • Age: 22-70 years.
  • The location should be Philippines (only nationwide, limited) – the valid address is obvious.
  • Only employed.
  • Steady income.
  • Online Loans Pilipinas services National Capital Region, Cavite, Laguna, Bulacan.

The basic information about Online Loans Pilipinas app loan package

  • The 1st loan up to 7000 PHP.
  • Repeated loan up to 20000 PHP.
  • Loan period: up to 30 days.
  • Interest rates is: 1,00% per day.
  • If payment was late, interest rates become 2,00 per day. Fee: 700 Php for the late repayment.
  • Also, service has additional payment for the processing surcharge.

A borrower can get loan up to 1-2 days Online Loans Pilipinas serves to it’s customers online via Internet.


Crezu Online Loan App

Get fast online loans online instantly and quickly at Crezu financial platform – applications are approved within 5 minutes ✅ 100% online process ✅ Credits up to 90 days ✅ GET IT NOW!

Crezu.ph is a brand of the company Fininity Ltd (registration number: 14523902, address: Tartu Street 84a, Tallinn, 10112, EE.)

To register for a Crezu Loan, customers only need to meet the following conditions

  • Are over 18 years old
  • Are a resident of the Philippines
  • Have an ID card
  • Have a valid phone number and a bank account.

The basic information about Online Crezu Loan App package

  • The loans offered have minimum repayment terms of 61 days (2 months) and maximum repayment terms of 120 days (4 months).
  • Lending rates vary from lender to lender in the range from 12% to a maximum APR of 36%.

For example, for a loan of ₱ 10,000 that will be paid in 3 months, the total payment of the loan will be ₱ 15,000.


Credify Online Loan App

Credify offers its clients concentrated money search and borrowing services from other legal companies’ websites, for a fee of 0 ₱. The process of applying for a loan is simple and fast, with the option of receiving it 24 hours a day.

SCHAEFER LLC, established in Latvia, Saldus, Liela iela 9, LV-3801.

To register for a Credify Loan, customers only need to meet the following conditions

A resident of the Philippines between the age of 20 and 70 with any credit history, bank account in any of Philippine’s bank, and an active telephone number.

The basic information about Online Credify Loan App package

  • Amount: 1000 ₱ – 20000 ₱.
  • Receiving time: 1 days.
  • Term: 62 days – 1 year.


SosCredit Online Loan App

Soscredit offers its customers attractive terms and conditions for borrowing services. You also get the opportunity to get a loan 24 hours a day, 7 days a week without going to a credit institution.

Online Media LLC, established in Latvia, Saldus, Liela iela 9, LV-3801.

To register for a SosCredit Loan, customers only need to meet the following conditions

The online loan can be obtained from 20 to 65 years of age. To apply for a online loan, you need to be solvent and have a bank account with a Filipino credit institution, a mobile phone.

You need to fill out an application form (for new customers to pay the registration fee), wait for the decision to be notified by a customer service representative and/or receive a text message and/or email.

The basic information about Online SosCredit Loan App package

Loans to new clients up to 7000 ₱ without interest and 0% commission. The minimum loan repayment period is 3 months with an extension, maximum loan repayment period is 60 months.

Example: If you choose 5000 ₱, the APR is 795.7%, then the total loan amount will be 14810 ₱. APR is the total cost of a loan expressed as a percentage of the total amount of loan granted per year. The maximum APR possible is 795.7%.


Mazilla Online Loan Website

The Mazilla service helps to comfortably choose the most attractive loan terms and conditions with a minimum loan costs.

Terms and Conditions for Submitting Application and Fees

  • Initial registration: The registration process on our website takes no more than 10 minutes. In the questionnaire, you need to specify the data from your identity document, mobile phone number for the further confirmation (SMS), e-mail and details of your debit or credit card (MasterCard/VISA) issued by any bank registered in the Philippines.
  • Service Fee: The service is absolutely free.
  • Individual Offer: Each customer is offered with personalized recommendations. In this way, only the data obtained from open sources, which are then analyzed to assess the borrower’s solvency, may be used.


You can completely apply for many loan services at the same time if you can ensure the ability to repay, and meet the loan conditions from your lenders.

5 easy steps to have online loans app Philippines

Select products

Choose a fast loan product that meets the conditions and needs. GET QUICK LOANS

Complete loan application

Fill out the application form for loan application, take a personal photo with your ID / CCCD.

Receive review results

Receive notification of loan approval result via SMS or Email within minutes.

Loan disbursement

After the loan application is approved. The money will be transferred to your bank account.

Loan payment

Loan payment via bank transfer, e-wallet or collection points.

FAQ About Loans App in the Philippines

What is quick online loan Philippines?

Quick loans online, also known as online loans, borrowing money with only ID card, borrowing money without collateral, borrowing money without meeting is the peer-to-peer lending model (P2P lending) that just appeared in Philippines in the years recently, but quickly popularized and accepted by many people.

Quick loans online help borrowers to solve financial difficulties in a short time, with very simple procedures (Just need ID card, phone number, bank account) with time Quick disbursement (5 minutes – 24h)

This is a form of online loan without meeting, no mortgage of assets, no assessment of ability to repay. Applying for a 100% online loan, borrowers do not need to go to the finance company to complete loan procedures and review. Accordingly, borrowers only need to provide all required information via the lender’s website / app to quickly borrow from 5.000 – 25.000 PHP.

Once approved, the loan will be transferred directly to the borrower’s bank account.

Advantages of quick online loans 24/24 Philippines

  • The convenience and simplicity are the advantages of 24-hour online loans at financial institutions.
  • With fast online loan, you just need to sit at home and use the smartphone directly registered on the phone, receive money very quickly in just 15 minutes.
  • In addition, the online loan application – websites with loan procedures are also extremely simple, just need an ID card or ID card to borrow.
  • Some online loan apps also support 0% interest rate for the first loan and interest rate incentives for old customers to repay well.

Disadvantages of quick online loans 24/24

  • Online quick loan forms require simple procedures, no need to prove income, so the loan limit is not high, up to only 25k PHP.
  • Short loan period of only 7 – 90 days is also an advantage of online loans.

Who Can Apply The Loans In The Philippines?

Mainly people who reach 20+ years age. Only the citizens of the Philippines. Have Bank Card and Mobile Phone.

What Are The Best Lenders In The Philippines?

Top 5+ best lenders are:

  1. Robocash PH
  2. MoneyCat PH
  3. Online Loans Pilipinas
  4. Crezu PH
  5. Credify PH
  6. SoSCredit PH
  7. Mazilla PH

Low loan limit, short loan period

With a low loan limit (from 5.000-25.000 PHP), a loan period of 7-30 days, this form of loan is only suitable for customers who need to borrow a small amount of money in a short time and have the ability to pay pay the loan on time.

Can I register loan if I have bad dept?

Loan websites/apps introduced on Loans Online all support loans to people with bad debts on CIC.

What should be noted when borrowing money online?

Although it brings many benefits to borrowers, online loans also inject hidden risks that borrowers need to pay attention to before borrowing.

Be careful when providing information

Most online lending websites / apps require borrowers to provide personal information such as phone numbers, facebook, zalo, relatives’ phone numbers … to perform debt reminder / collection operations when debt arises. term. Therefore, borrowers need to be careful when providing information so that it does not affect themselves, family and friends.

Banned Loan Apps Philippines

Many loan mobile application were already banned by SEC. Some of them were scam projects, some not. For sure not all scam projects were closed, so be aware about it and choose only legal and popular services with history and trust among Filipinos. Choose your online Loan Apps Philippines and solve your financial problems quickly and with the terms you need.

Can I cancel my loan application before I receive the money?

You can cancel your loan application at any time before signing the contract. Because after signing the contract, the loan amount will be disbursed immediately. In this case, you can only pay the full balance (including principal + service fees and interest).

Late payment loan (past due) is OK?

For the most convenience you should pay the loan on time. In case of late payment, late payment fee will apply.

Can I register more than one loan service at a time?

You can completely apply for many loan services at the same time if you can ensure the ability to repay, and meet the loan conditions from your lenders.

Loan payment period and interest rates

Annual loan interest rate is 30%, maximum – 365%. Loan period is from 91 days to 2 years.

Example of online loan calculations

If you take out a loan for 30.000 PhP at 4.5% monthly interest for 3 months, you will pay 4050 PhP extra by the loan due date.

So, you will, in fact, pay 34.050 PhP. See below for calculations of interests, so that you can figure out the amount of repayment (including interest) for average service users.

Loan amount – 30.000 PhP, monthly interest – 4.5%, loan term – 3 months. 4.5(%) * 3(months) = 13.5% for the 3 months (13.5% * 30.000 PhP (loan amount))/100% = 4.050 PhP (accrued interest) 30.000 PhP + 4.050 PhP = 34.050 PhP is the amount payable in three months.

In the event of overdue payment, the penalty is 0.10% of the amount daily, but not to exceed 10% of the loan amount. In the event that the payment is substantially overdue, information will be submitted to a credit rating agency.

A loan extension may be granted if the creditor is informed in a timely manner (prior to the due date of the loan) and interest is paid for the initial loan period. There are no additional fees for a loan extension.

What happens if the loan is not paid off

In the event that a payment of the loan or loan interest is overdue, the creditor is forced to apply an overdue fee. These fees are applied if, for example, a bank transfer takes longer than usual. However if you do not respond for a long time, an overdue fee will be charged in the amount, on average, of 0.10% of the initial loan amount and, on average, 0.03% of the amount of consumer loans and credit cards.

If you fail to comply with the terms of the loan, your information may be submitted to a credit rating agency, which may adversely affect your credit history and credit rating. The amount owed may be submitted to a debt collection agency for debt collection.

A loan extension may not be granted if the amount is past due. When you pay your loan on time, you build a good credit history, which improves not only your credit rating but also your chances of better loan offers in the future.

What do you recommend?

As a rule, you can cover a loan in different ways. We advise you to choose an option that does not have additional fees. Also, pay attention to how long the amount of the selected loan will be displayed from the organization that issued the loan – this is especially important when you cover a loan at the last moment and do not want it to go into overdue.

Before taking an internet loan, think carefully about whether you really need this quick loan. If you are not sure that you will be able to cover the debt at the agreed time, refrain from the loan. Never borrow more than you need. If the loan period is too short, try to choose the loan that best suits your request.

Before taking an online loan, think carefully about the alternatives to raising funds, there may be cheaper and more convenient methods. Try to get an online loan only when you need it urgently. Pay attention to the number of your online loans.

Sometimes it happens that a consumer accumulates a large number of quick loans and with a salary, they can only postpone them. It is quite easy to take an online loan on the Internet, but in no case should you approach this type of loan with less responsibility.

If you cannot cover the loan, be sure to contact the company that issues loans, they will help you and you will make the best decision. We recommend that you familiarize yourself with the contract before taking a loan, and it is also better, that you have information about penalties, deferred commissions, etc.

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