Security Bank Exchange Rate Today [Latest Update] July 2024

If you’re a Filipino looking for a reliable bank that can handle all your financial needs, then Security Bank Corporation (SBC) is a universal bank that you can trust. Established on June 18, 1951, Security Bank has become a household name for Filipinos seeking top-notch banking services. One of the most common questions that Filipinos often ask is, “what is Security Bank exchange rate today?”

In this article, CashLoanPH will provide you with the most updated Security Bank exchange rates today, and more information about this trusted financial institution.

Overview of Security Bank Corporation

Security Bank Corporation provides a comprehensive range of financial products and services under its retail, commercial, and corporate banking arms. Moreover, it also specializes in financial markets, leasing, investment banking, foreign exchange, stock brokerage, and asset management services through its subsidiaries.

The bank is headquartered at 6776 Ayala Avenue, Makati City, Philippines, with the following contact details:

  • Phone and email:
    For general inquiries and comments, you may reach the Security Bank Customer Service hotline at +632 8887-9188, 1-800-1-888-1250 (Toll-free for PLDT landline), or email them at [email protected].
    For credit card inquiries, please email them at [email protected].
    Security Bank Corporation is under the supervision of the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (+632 8708-7087 | [email protected]).

Security Bank Exchange Rates Today [New Update] (July 2024)

If you’re planning to convert your Philippine peso to other currencies or vice versa, it’s essential to know the latest Security Bank exchange rates. Here are the Security Bank exchange rates as of the current date:

Security Bank Exchange Rate Today - Latest Update: July 15, 2024 12:08 PM
Currency Buy Sell
🇺🇸 USD 58.25 58.75
🇪🇺 EUR 60.9582 65.6144
🇬🇧 GBP 72.2337 78.1519
🇯🇵 JPY 0.3487 0.3813
🇸🇬 SGD 41.0743 45.5596
🇭🇰 HKD 7.055 7.7502
🇦🇺 AUD 37.3365 40.8163
🇨🇦 CAD 40.7785 44.1195
🇰🇷 KRW 0.0394 0.0436
🇨🇭 CHF 61.8333 67.246
🇨🇳 CNY 7.7051 8.3341

Please note that these rates are updated regularly, and you may also visit the Security Bank website to know the most recent exchange rates.

4 Ways to check Security Bank exchange rate today (latest update)

here are some ways to check the Security Bank exchange rate today:

  1. Check the SB Spot Forex Trading Facility: Security Bank’s SB Spot Forex Trading Facility allows customers to do 24/7 foreign exchange transactions online. Retail customers can access up-to-date currency rates and use their own Security Bank account to fund their transactions as well as to receive their exchanged currency amount real-time. Link:
  2. Visit the Maanimo website: Maanimo is a financial comparison platform that provides updated exchange rates from different banks, including Security Bank. Link:
  3. Contact Security Bank’s Customer Service Hotline: Customers can call Security Bank’s Customer Service Hotline at +632 8887-9188 or 1-800-1-888-1250 (toll-free for PLDT landline) to inquire about the exchange rate.
  4. Check the Security Bank website: Security Bank provides information on their website about their foreign currency accounts, including the exchange rates for different currencies. Link:

It is recommended to verify the exchange rate through multiple sources and compare them to get the best possible exchange rate.

Opening an Account at Security Bank

If you want to open an account, you can visit any Security Bank branch or do it online by visiting their website. Depending on the type of account you want to open, you need to submit certain requirements. Also, you need to comply with the bank’s Know Your Customer (KYC) policy.


Security Bank Corporation has been one of the leading banks in the Philippines due to its excellent customer service, diverse range of financial products and services, and competitive exchange rates. If you’re looking for a bank that you can trust, then Security Bank is an excellent choice for you. With its innovative banking solutions and top-quality services, you can rest assured that your financial needs are in good hands.

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