Atome Philippines Review: A New Way to Buy Now, Pay Later

In the dynamic landscape of financial technology, Atome Philippines emerges as a revolutionary force, offering a convenient Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) solution. This guide aims to unravel the intricacies of utilizing the Atome app, whether engaging in online retail therapy or navigating the aisles of brick-and-mortar stores.

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Genesis of Atome

Founded in 2019 as a subsidiary of Advance Intelligence Group, Atome Philippines swiftly positioned itself as a leading BNPL brand originating from Singapore. In 2021, Atome expanded its footprint into the vibrant Philippine market, fostering partnerships with over 50 retail giants spanning online and offline domains. Notable collaborators include The SM Store, ZALORA, Rustan’s, Agoda, Timex, Fitness First, and National Book Store, among others.

Atome’s Operational Mechanism:

Atome’s BNPL scheme mirrors traditional installment plans but with a distinctive edge — no requirement for an active credit card. Upon registering for an Atome Philippines account, users gain access to a range of features:

  • Three Easy Payments: Atome automatically divides both online and offline purchases into three equal monthly payments.
  • Zero Interest: Enjoy the convenience of installment plans without incurring any interest or additional fees traditionally associated with credit cards.
  • Free Vouchers: First-time users are welcomed with store-specific vouchers, adding a delightful touch to their initial Atome experience.
  • Atome Card: In addition to the app, Atome introduces its Mastercard credit card variant with a spending limit of ₱200,000. This card allows users to split their bills into six equal monthly payments while providing interest-free credit for up to 40 days.
  • Atome Cash: Delving into the realm of cash loans, Atome offers an enticing feature allowing users to secure loans up to ₱50,000 through the app. With monthly interest rates starting at 1.75% and repayment plans extending up to 12 months, Atome Cash presents a versatile financial tool. It’s worth noting that Atome Cash is currently accessible by invitation only.

Pros and Cons Analysis


  • 0% Interest Installment Plan: The hallmark of Atome’s appeal lies in its automatic three-month installment plan with zero interest and devoid of additional charges.
  • Acceptance by Major Stores: Atome distinguishes itself by being widely accepted across various retail sectors, including department stores, fashion brands, lifestyle outlets, and trusted electronic vendors in the Philippines.
  • Polished and Responsive App: Addressing concerns about app reliability, Atome’s user interface stands out, providing a seamless experience comparable to top-tier finance apps.


  • Short Payment Terms: While the three-month installment plan suits routine purchases, it may fall short for high-value items like smartphones or appliances. The hope lingers for Atome Philippines to extend its payment terms in the future.
  • Relatively New Platform: Despite formidable backing from fintech industry leaders, Atome is still carving its niche as a newcomer. Trust considerations may arise in comparison to more established platforms like TendoPay, BillEase, and Lazada Loans.
  • New Features Not Available to All: The potential game-changer, Atome Cash, remains exclusive on an invite-only basis. However, users can express interest by applying through the app, promising a broader accessibility in the future.

Atome’s Dynamic Merchant Network

Atome Philippines strategically partnered with over 50 retail stores upon its 2021 launch, covering key shopping categories:

Fashion and Beauty:

  • Aldo
  • Browhaus
  • David’s Salon
  • Davines
  • HairMNL
  • Rustans
  • Slimmers World


  • Anson’s
  • DJI
  • Kimstore
  • Huawei


  • Boozy
  • Fitness First
  • Garmin
  • National Book Store
  • Pet Express
  • The SM Store

Home and Living:

  • Akari
  • Linen & Homes
  • Mothercare
  • Uratex


  • Agoda
  • Klook
  • The Travel Club

Setting Up an Atome Account: A Step Towards Financial Freedom

Before embarking on an Atome-powered shopping spree, users need to set up an account via the Atome app. This involves meeting specific requirements and navigating a straightforward registration process.

Requirements to Register for an Atome Account:

  • Must be at least 18 years old
  • Possess a mobile number issued in the Philippines
  • Hold a valid ID
  • Maintain a valid email address
  • Possess a credit or debit card issued by a financial institution

How to Register for an Atome Account:

  1. Download the Atome Philippines app.
  2. Enter your mobile number and the four-digit one-time password (OTP) sent to your mobile number.
  3. Complete the verification process by linking an active credit or debit card.

How to Verify Your Atome Account:

  1. Navigate to the Me tab on the Atome dashboard.
  2. Tap Verify Now on the upper left corner.
  3. Link an active credit or debit card to your Atome account.
  4. Enter the OTP sent to your mobile number in the in-app browser and proceed.
  5. Complete the form with personal information and submit a picture of a valid ID.
  6. Take a selfie and follow the on-screen instructions.
  7. Return to the Me tab on the Atome app, signifying the successful verification process.

Mastering Atome Payment: Navigating Online and Offline Transactions

Now equipped with an Atome Philippines account, users can seamlessly engage in both online and offline shopping. The step-by-step guide ensures a hassle-free experience.

How to Shop Online Using Atome:

  1. From the Atome app dashboard, search for the desired store.
  2. Select items, proceed to checkout, and choose Atome as the payment option.
  3. Monitor installment details through the Finance tab on the app.

How to Shop Offline Using Atome:

  1. Scan the in-store QR code.
  2. Input the payment amount.
  3. Utilize available promos and confirm the transaction.
  4. Monitor installment details through the Finance tab.

The Power of Atome Card: Elevating the Shopping Experience

The Atome Card extends the convenience of shopping with a credit card, offering features such as a ₱200,000 credit limit, zero annual fees, and swift application processes.

Atome Card Features:

  • Credit limit of up to ₱200,000
  • Zero annual fees and hidden charges
  • No minimum annual income requirement
  • Accepted by all Mastercard merchants
  • Fast application and approval

Requirements to Apply for an Atome Card:

  • Must be at least 18 years old
  • Possess at least one valid ID
  • Maintain an active Atome account

How to Apply for the Card via the Atome App:

  1. Tap Atome Card on the homepage.
  2. Select the preferred Atome Card and fill in the required fields.
  3. Await approval and card delivery.
  4. Activate the card via the app.
  5. To shop online, fill in the required fields at checkout. For in-store purchases, use the physical card.

Addressing Queries: Atome Philippines FAQs

Where can I download the Atome app?

The Atome app is available on the App Store for iOS devices and the Play Store for Android devices.

Is Atome available in the Philippines?

Yes, Atome Philippines, launched in October 2021, has strategically partnered with leading online and offline retail stores in the country. Beyond traditional retail, Atome caters to services provided by Agoda and Klook.

How do I pay using Atome?

To utilize Atome credit, choose it as a payment option for both online and in-store transactions. It’s important to note that the first installment must be paid upon placing the order.

How do I pay my Atome installments?

Monthly installments are automatically deducted from the linked debit card. To ensure flexibility, users can link more than one debit card to their Atome account.


Atome Philippines emerges as a transformative player in the financial technology arena, providing a seamless and accessible alternative for those seeking flexible installment plans. While its three-month payment scheme may not cater to every financial need, the platform’s robust functionality and strategic partnerships render it a noteworthy contender in the Buy Now, Pay Later landscape. Consider Atome as your ally for a convenient and versatile shopping experience, with the understanding of its current limitations for significant purchases. For those whose financial goals extend beyond the scope of a three-month plan, exploring other financial avenues like personal loans may be a prudent choice. Atome Philippines invites users to redefine their shopping experience and seize financial freedom with just a few taps.

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