Adacash – Get Up To Rm 5,000 Loan In Malaysia


Adacash offers fast, secure, and transparent same-day loans up to RM 5,000. Repeat borrowers receive improved loan conditions, including increased amounts and longer terms.

  • Tempoh pinjaman minimum: 92 hari
  • Tempoh pinjaman maksimum: 92 hari untuk pinjaman pertama dan 180 hari untuk pinjaman berulang

Applications are made online through a simple process that requires submitting personal information, employment details, email address, bank account details, and ID photo verification. Approved applicants receive emails with contracts to be signed electronically before receiving funds directly into their bank accounts. Adacash caters to various needs like emergency expenses, small business funding, education, cash flow management, home improvements, special occasions, and vacations.

Perkhidmatan Kami Adalah Untuk:

  • Penduduk tetap di Malaysia
  • Berumur 21-70
  • Mempunyai akaun bank
  • Mempunyai pendapatan

Their services use algorithmic evaluation and offer flexible credit options, even for individuals with lower credit scores. The minimum loan term is 92 days, while the maximum increases to 180 days for subsequent loans. Interest rates remain constant at 18%. Adacash emphasizes data privacy and implements strong security measures.


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