Car Loan Eligibility Requirements


Understanding the prerequisites for securing a car loan is crucial for individuals aspiring to own a vehicle in the Philippines. Various banks across the archipelago adhere to specific eligibility criteria, ensuring that applicants meet certain standards before they can be considered for auto financing. Below, we delve into the comprehensive prerequisites for car loan eligibility:

1. Age Requirements:

  • The age criterion is a fundamental aspect of car loan eligibility. Applicants must be at least 21 years old at the time of application. Additionally, it’s important to note that the age limit for borrowers is typically set not to exceed 65 years by the time the auto loan matures. This ensures that borrowers are within a financially stable age bracket throughout the loan tenure.

2. Citizenship Guidelines:

  • Citizenship plays a pivotal role in determining eligibility for car loans in the Philippines. The following categories encompass individuals who can apply for auto financing:
    • Filipino Citizens: Both residents of the Philippines and those residing abroad, including Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs), are eligible to apply for car loans.
    • Foreign Residents: Non-Filipino residents in the Philippines can also apply for car loans, provided they have qualified Filipino co-borrowers. This stipulation ensures that there is a local guarantor or co-signer involved, enhancing the bank’s assurance of repayment.

3. Income Threshold:

  • Financial stability is paramount in the evaluation of car loan applications. As such, banks typically require applicants to demonstrate a minimum monthly salary or household income of at least β‚±40,000. This income threshold ensures that borrowers have the financial capacity to meet their monthly repayment obligations without undue strain on their finances.

4. Employment/Business Status:

  • Another critical aspect of car loan eligibility pertains to the employment or business status of the applicant. Banks typically require a minimum of two years of continuous employment or profitable operation of a business. This requirement serves as a measure of financial stability and reliability, indicating the borrower’s ability to generate a steady income stream, which is essential for servicing the loan.


Navigating the landscape of car loan eligibility in the Philippines necessitates a comprehensive understanding of the criteria set forth by financial institutions. Meeting the age, citizenship, income, and employment/business status requirements is pivotal for prospective borrowers seeking to secure auto financing. By ensuring compliance with these prerequisites, individuals can enhance their chances of successfully obtaining a car loan and fulfilling their aspirations of vehicle ownership.

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