CashExpress Philippines Information You Should Know [New Update Today]


CashExpress Philippines: The Trusted and Legit Online Lending Solution You Need for Your Financial Worries.

Do you need extra funds to pay for a medical emergency or to cover unexpected expenses? Borrowing money online has never been this easy than with CashExpress in the Philippines. With just your ID card, you can borrow amounts ranging from 1,000-20,000 PHP, and get your disbursal in a matter of hours.

Here is what you need to know about borrowing from CashExpress:

What is CashExpress?

CashExpress is a legally registered lending company in the Philippines under Cash-Express South East Asia Lending Inc. Its head office is located at Avida CityFlex, 7th Ave cor. Lane T, North Bonifacio, Bonifacio Global City, Tagui.

With a fully automated review system, CashExpress can process your loan applications in as fast as 2 hours or no more than 24 hours. Once your application is approved, you can receive the money disbursed via ATM card or bank account.

CashExpress contact information:


  • Landline: +632 7902-7390
  • Smart: +63 919-073-7629
  • Globe: +63 917-163-3690
  • Working hours: 10 am to 8 pm.

Is CashExpress Legit?

One of the most important questions you have is whether CashExpress is legitimate or not. We found that CashExpress (ex CashXpress) is a registered lending company in the Philippines under Company Registration No. CS201951088 and Certificate of Authority No. 2918 granted by the SECURITIES AND EXCHANGE COMMISSION on 20th June 2019.

CashExpress is also included in the List of Registered Online Lending Companies in 2021 & 2022, which demonstrates their legality and trustworthiness.

Reviews of CashExpress online loan

Here are the benefits and disadvantages of borrowing from CashExpress:

Advantages of CashExpress

CashExpress offers the following benefits:

  • The procedure of registering for a loan is simple and completely online with just your ID card.
  • Money disbursement is within 24 hours, and there is no need to meet in person.
  • All customer information is kept strictly confidential.
  • No need for a collateral property.
  • Transparent loan information is provided.
  • Fast loan approval rate with quick disbursement after checking the bank account.
  • There are flexible repayment options.

Disadvantages of CashExpress

Although CashExpress offers a quick and simple solution for borrowing money online, the biggest limitation is the loan limit, which is from 1,000 PHP to a maximum of 20,000 PHP, with a maximum loan term of 90 days.

CashExpress loan conditions

To qualify for a CashExpress online loan, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Must be a Filipino citizen living in the Philippines and between ages 21-70.
  • Should be currently employed, self-employed, or have a regular source of income.

CashExpress loan requirements

To apply for a CashExpress online loan, you must have the following requirements:

  • SSS number
  • If employed: 1 Valid Government ID (SSS, TIN, UMID, Passport, Driver’s License, PhilHealth, Voter’s ID)
  • If self-employed: business permit/DTI Cert. /Brgy. Bus. permit/ Mayors Permit
  • Bank account or E-wallet (G-Cash/Paymaya) to receive loan proceeds

Contact references:

To apply for the CashExpress loan, you need to provide the following references:
a. If employed:

  • HR/Direct Supervisor name and contact
  • 1 or 2 colleagues
  • 1 or 2 Personal references (Adult relatives or persons living in the same household)
    b. If self-employed:
  • Trade/supplier contact number
  • Link to an online shop
  • 2 personal references (Adult relatives or persons living in the same household)

CashExpress loan limits and periods

When borrowing money from CashExpress in installments with just your ID, you can receive the following loan limits and periods:

  • Loan limit from 1,000 PHP – 20,000 PHP.
  • Loan period: loans can be availed from 7 or 14 days, in order to ensure you can pay according to your cashflow.

CashExpress loan interest rate

CashExpress Philippines offers a low-interest rate compared to other online lending companies. On the website, CashExpress has an interest rate of 1% – 2.3% per month.

How to loan at CashExpress

To apply for a CashExpress loan, follow these steps:

  1. Register: Create your profile and fill-out the application form.
  2. Get verified: Take our call and wait for the decision in just minutes.
  3. Get money: Once approve, money is transferred instantly to your bank.


How to repay CashExpress loan contract

To avoid penalty fees, please pay the total loan amount due, or the minimum amount due if you have availed of an extension, on or before your due date. You can also easily make payment through their partnered payment channels.

Frequently asked questions about CashExpress

  1. Is CashExpress a scam?
    No, CashExpress is licensed, open, and transparent loan application. Customers can feel secure when registering.
  2. How long does CashExpress take to disburse funds?
    Disbursement time is between 15-30 minutes.
  3. Is there a penalty fee for late payment?
    Yes, a penalty fee will be charged for late payment.
  4. Can customers with bad debt borrow money from CashExpress?
    Yes, customers with bad debt or outstanding debt from banks and financial companies can still apply for a loan with CashExpress.


In summary, CashExpress is the trusted and legitimate online lending solution you need for your financial worries in the Philippines. For small spending purposes, you can completely choose CashExpress, as it is a smart and convenient loan application. If you need more information, you can call the Hotline for dedicated advice.


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