Demystifying the PhilSys ID: Your Guide to Understanding the Philippine National Identification Card


The PhilSys ID, also referred to as the Philippine Identification Card (PhilID), serves as the official national identity card for Filipino citizens globally and permanent residents in the Philippines. It forms a crucial component of the Philippine Identification System (PhilSys), an initiative by the government aimed at establishing a centralized identification platform.

Key Points about the PhilSys ID:

  • Definition: It is an exclusive card that holds demographic and biometric data such as name, birth date, address, photograph, and a PhilSys Card Number (PCN). Additionally, it features a confidential PhilSys Number (PSN) printed on the back, meant for private use only.
  • Advantages: The PhilSys ID facilitates streamlined access to both governmental and private sector services, expedites transactions, and diminishes instances of fraud.
  • Eligibility: Filipino citizens and permanent residents of the Philippines are entitled to obtain a PhilSys ID.

For further insights into the PhilSys ID, interested individuals can explore the following resources:

  • PhilSys website: []
  • Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA): []
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