Digido Celebrates Milestone of Serving Over One Million Filipinos


Philippine consumer finance company Digido has reached a significant milestone, having provided its safe, reliable, and inclusive digital lending services to over one million Filipinos. This achievement underscores Digido’s role as a trusted financial partner, particularly for those underserved by traditional financial institutions.

In a statement released on Friday, Digido emphasized its commitment to offering a seamless and efficient process for obtaining cash loans, catering especially to individuals with limited access to conventional financial services. This growing popularity aligns with a broader trend in the Philippines, where digital platforms are increasingly favored for accessing modern financial services, including formal credit options.

Digido’s services are designed to be accessible and user-friendly. The company offers a special promotion for first-time borrowers, allowing them to take out a loan of up to PHP 4,000 ($338) with 0 percent interest. Repeat clients can access personal loans of up to PHP 25,000 ($2,115). These services are available through Digido’s official website (digido.ph), mobile apps on Google Play and the iOS App Store, as well as Lazada Loans.

“We at Digido are incredibly grateful for the trust that Filipinos have given us,” said Rose Arreco, Digido’s Business Development Manager. “We view this milestone as both an achievement and a challenge, driving us to further contribute to the country’s digital transformation by increasing access to formal credit.”

The year 2023 marked a period of significant growth for Digido, with a 23 percent increase in total loans disbursed compared to 2022. Notably, 75.4 percent of these loans were from repeat borrowers, demonstrating considerable brand loyalty. A recently commissioned survey by Digido also revealed that personal loans were the most popular formal credit option across various demographics and regions in 2023. The survey indicated that formal credit options became more accessible to eight out of ten Filipinos last year.

“Our mission is to ensure that every hard-working Filipino has access to convenient and secure financial tools,” Arreco added. “As we continue to celebrate more milestones, we will strive for innovation and find creative ways to delight even more customers.”

This milestone reflects Digido’s ongoing dedication to expanding financial inclusion and supporting the financial well-being of Filipinos through innovative digital lending solutions.

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