Meet GLoan, the hassle-free emergency loan option designed to provide financial relief whenever you need it. With a fully verified GCash account and meeting the GScore requirement, you’re on your way to accessing GLoan’s benefits.

For pre-qualified GCash users, GLoan is readily available on your dashboard, allowing you to apply seamlessly. Once your application is submitted, expect instant access to the loan proceeds directly in your GCash account. No more cumbersome paperwork or endless wait times—GLoan streamlines the process for your convenience, ensuring swift access to funds during critical times.

If you’re not yet eligible for GLoan, fret not. Keep utilizing GCash to boost your GScore and unlock the gateway to this valuable financial resource.

Here’s what GLoan offers:

  • Loanable Amount: Up to ₱125,000
  • Interest Rate: 1.59%
  • Loan Tenure: Flexible terms of up to 24 months
  • Minimum Monthly Income Requirement: None
  • Processing Time: Instant Loan
  • Processing Fee: 3% of the principal amount

With GLoan, financial assistance is just a few clicks away. Experience peace of mind knowing that you have a reliable partner in managing unexpected expenses, all within the convenience of your GCash account.

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