Got-It Lending Inc SEC Registration: Providing Reliable Financial Solutions in the Philippines


Got-It Lending Inc. is a reputable non-bank financial company operating in the Philippines. Established in 2019 and headquartered in Makati City, the company is licensed by both the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP). With a strong focus on customer satisfaction, Got-It Lending Inc. offers a wide range of loan products to individuals and small businesses, catering to their diverse financial needs.

Licensed and Trusted by Regulatory Authorities

As a legally registered entity, Got-It Lending Inc. operates under the registered business name “Got-it Lending Inc.” and conducts business operations under the name “Pera U Bag.


The company’s SEC Company Registration No. is CS201909840, and it holds Certificate of Authority No.3006. This accreditation demonstrates the company’s commitment to maintaining high standards of professionalism and integrity.

Versatile Loan Products

Got-It Lending Inc. provides a comprehensive suite of loan products designed to address various financial requirements. Their offerings include personal loans, business loans, salary loans, and more. Whether individuals need funds for emergencies, business expansion, or personal endeavors, Got-It Lending Inc. has tailored solutions to meet their unique needs.

With loan amounts ranging from PHP 5,000 to PHP 500,000 and flexible repayment terms extending up to 36 months, borrowers have the flexibility to choose the loan amount and duration that best suit their financial circumstances. The company ensures competitive interest rates, ensuring affordability for its customers.

Effortless Application Process

Applying for a loan with Got-It Lending Inc. is a hassle-free experience. Prospective borrowers can easily access the company’s user-friendly website or visit one of their conveniently located branches. The loan application process is straightforward, requiring applicants to complete a simple online form or paper application.

Along with the application, borrowers need to provide essential documents such as proof of income, bank statements, and a valid ID. Once submitted, the company’s proficient loan officers diligently review the application and promptly communicate with the borrower to discuss the loan terms and conditions.

Got-It Lending Inc.’s streamlined process ensures a quick turnaround time, enabling borrowers to access the funds they need without unnecessary delays.

Catering to Eligible Borrowers

Got-It Lending Inc. prioritizes borrowers with good credit scores and a stable income source. By focusing on these criteria, the company ensures responsible lending practices and minimizes the risk for both parties involved. This approach provides borrowers with the confidence that their loan application will be considered and processed efficiently.

Additionally, Got-It Lending Inc. understands that not all borrowers have a perfect credit history. Therefore, they also consider alternative factors such as employment stability and collateral when evaluating loan applications. This inclusive approach expands the accessibility of loans to a wider range of borrowers.

Superior Customer Service

One of Got-It Lending Inc.’s standout qualities is its dedication to providing exceptional customer service. The company takes pride in assisting borrowers at every step of the loan process, offering guidance and clarifications when needed. Their friendly and professional loan officers strive to create a positive experience for borrowers, fostering long-term relationships based on trust and satisfaction.

Whether borrowers have inquiries about the application process, require assistance in understanding loan terms, or need support with repayments, Got-It Lending Inc.’s customer service team is readily available to provide assistance promptly.

Pros of Got-It Lending Inc.

  • Competitive Interest Rates: Got-It Lending Inc. offers borrowers favorable interest rates, ensuring affordability and value for money. The company understands the importance of providing competitive rates that are in line with industry standards, enabling borrowers to repay their loans comfortably without excessive financial burden.
  • Flexible Repayment Terms: With repayment terms ranging up to 36 months, borrowers have the flexibility to choose a repayment schedule that aligns with their financial capabilities. Whether borrowers prefer shorter-term loans for quick repayment or longer-term loans for lower monthly installments, Got-It Lending Inc. accommodates their preferences, empowering borrowers to manage their finances effectively.
  • Streamlined Loan Process: Got-It Lending Inc.’s quick and easy loan process saves borrowers valuable time and effort, providing them with the funds they need promptly. By leveraging technology and efficient procedures, the company ensures a seamless application and approval process, minimizing bureaucratic hurdles and simplifying the borrowing experience.
  • Superior Customer Service: The company’s commitment to customer satisfaction shines through its excellent customer service, offering reliable support throughout the borrowing journey. Got-It Lending Inc.’s customer service team comprises trained professionals who are knowledgeable about the company’s loan products and processes. They are dedicated to providing personalized assistance, addressing borrowers’ concerns, and ensuring a positive experience.

Cons of Got-It Lending Inc.

  • Potential High Fees: Borrowers should be aware that Got-It Lending Inc. may charge additional fees, which can impact the overall cost of the loan. These fees may include processing fees, late payment fees, or early repayment fees. It is advisable for borrowers to review the terms and conditions carefully, understanding the associated fees before committing to a loan.
  • Not Available to All Borrowers: While Got-It Lending Inc. caters to a wide range of borrowers, it may not be available to all individuals due to specific eligibility requirements. As the company prioritizes responsible lending practices, borrowers must meet certain criteria, such as good credit scores and stable income, to qualify for their loan products. Borrowers who do not meet these requirements may need to explore alternative financing options.
  • Possible Lengthy Application Process: In some cases, the loan application process with Got-It Lending Inc. may take longer than expected, potentially causing delays for borrowers in urgent need of funds. Factors such as incomplete documentation, additional verifications, or a high volume of loan applications can contribute to a lengthier processing time. While the company strives to expedite the process, borrowers should consider the possibility of such delays and plan accordingly.

Overall, Got-It Lending Inc. is a reputable and reliable option for borrowers who need quick access to cash in the Philippines. The company offers a wide range of loan products, competitive interest rates, and a streamlined application process, ensuring convenience and affordability for borrowers. With its commitment to exceptional customer service, borrowers can expect professional assistance and guidance throughout their borrowing journey.

However, borrowers should carefully consider potential fees, eligibility requirements, and the possibility of a lengthier application process when evaluating Got-It Lending Inc. as their lending choice. By making an informed decision, borrowers can maximize the benefits and minimize the challenges associated with their borrowing experience.

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