[Guide] Philippine Compliance and Verification Guidelines

Philippine Compliance and Verification Guidelines
How do you choose a reliable partner for my KYC and verification needs? 
With the many different KYC providers in the market, it is easy to be overwhelmed. Here is a checklist on choosing the right verification platform provider for your business needs:
  • A track record with its technological advancements to ensure preventative technologies developed can detect evolving cyber crimes
  • ⁠Having a global perspective and is familiar with local regulatory laws. This helps your business scale as you onboard customers from new markets
  • Ensuring a secure platform but also cognizant of the onboarding process
  • Ensure 24/7 support
  • Look out for key enterprise certifications for maximum security and business continuity

Sumsub is well-poised to support your verification needs in the Philippines.

Witness it for yourself: check out Sumsub’s compliance guide for the Philippines.


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Source: Sum and Substance Ltd (UK)

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