How to Apply for an SSS Loan Online in 2024


Curious about applying for an SSS salary loan online? The answer is yes! Here’s how employed, self-employed, and voluntary members can do it:

Step 1: Create a My.SSS Account If you prefer the convenience of applying online, head to the My.SSS portal to apply for a salary loan. Not sure how to get started? Check out our guide on registering for an SSS online account, which includes filling out the necessary forms.

Step 2: Enroll a Bank Account for Your SSS Salary Loan Disbursement To facilitate the disbursement of your salary loan, enroll your bank account. Follow the instructions provided in the Disbursement Account Enrollment Module tutorial on YouTube. Remember, the SSS now requires proof of account ownership to safeguard against unauthorized transactions.

For salary loan disbursement through a bank account, you can upload any of the following documents:

  • ATM card displaying the full account number and holder’s name
  • Bank certificate or statement
  • Foreign remittance receipt
  • Photo or scanned copy of passbook
  • Screenshot of online/mobile banking account
  • Validated deposit slip

Note: Certain disbursement methods may exempt you from providing proof of account ownership.

Step 3: File Your SSS Salary Loan Application Online Once your My.SSS account is set up and your disbursement bank account is enrolled, it’s time to apply for your salary loan:

  • Log in to your My.SSS account and navigate to E-Services > Loans > Apply For Salary Loan.
  • Your loanable amount and local mailing address will be automatically displayed.
  • Choose your desired loan amount and disbursement account.
  • Review the terms and conditions, then click Proceed.
  • View, download, or print your Loan Disclosure Statement, which contains your loan details.
  • Keep a copy of your transaction number for reference.

For OFW members, salary loan applications can be submitted at SSS Foreign Representative Offices or through a designated representative in the Philippines.

Applying for an SSS salary loan online is quick and convenient, ensuring timely access to financial assistance when needed.

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