Is the National ID QR Code on PhilSys ID for Tracking?


No, the QR code found on your PhilSys ID (Philippine Identification System) isn’t designed for tracking its physical location. Instead, its purpose lies in verification.

Here’s what the QR code on your PhilSys ID serves for:

Verification of Authenticity: Authorized government agencies and entities utilize the QR code to authenticate your PhilID, ensuring its validity and integrity. This process occurs through a secure platform known as PhilSys Check, accessible at

PhilSys Check offers two methods for verification:

  1. Website: You can navigate to the PhilSys Check website and scan the QR code using your smartphone camera. The site will then present basic details from your PhilID, such as your name, date of birth, and photograph, confirming its authenticity.
  2. PhilSys Check Ver 2 App: Additionally, there exists a PhilSys Check Ver 2 mobile application that relying parties, such as banks, can utilize to authenticate your PhilID.

For tracking the delivery status of your physical PhilSys ID, refer to the transaction number provided on your PhilSys registration slip. You can monitor its progress through the PHLPost website at

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