Landbank Loan Application Review: List Of Loans Offered By Landbank


The Landbank of the Philippines, known as Landbank, is the largest and primary government bank in the country. With a commitment to serving the diverse needs of Filipinos, Landbank provides a wide range of financial products and services, including savings and checking accounts, credit cards, investment opportunities, and loans. In this review, CashLoanPH will focus on Landbank’s loan offerings, highlighting the various options available to individuals and businesses alike.

Landbank Home Loan Program

Under the Landbank Housing Opportunities Made Easy (HOME) Program, prospective homeowners have access to a variety of loan options. The Landbank Home Loan Program is designed to cater to the dreams of individuals who aspire to own a house and offers three distinct options:

  1. Easy Home Loan: The Easy Home Loan is a flexible financing option designed to assist individuals in purchasing or building their dream houses. Additionally, it provides an opportunity for homeowners to refinance their existing loans from banks or financing firms. Landbank offers competitive interest rates and flexible terms, ensuring that individuals can realize their homeownership aspirations conveniently and affordably.
  2. End Buyer’s Tie-Up Facility: The End Buyer’s Tie-Up Facility is an ideal choice for individuals who aim to construct their houses through a developer accredited by Landbank. This loan option simplifies the home construction process by providing financing support and ensuring a seamless experience for homebuyers. With Landbank’s reliable services and the convenience of working with an accredited developer, individuals can build their dream homes without unnecessary complications.
  3. Bahay Para sa Bagong Bayani (3B) Program: Recognizing the significant contributions of overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) to the Philippine economy, Landbank has tailored the Bahay Para sa Bagong Bayani (3B) Program to meet the specific needs of OFWs. This special lending initiative provides exclusive benefits and favorable terms to OFWs who aspire to own a house. Through this program, Landbank aims to make homeownership more accessible and attainable for OFWs, ensuring that they have a place to call their own when they return to the Philippines.

Loans for Farmers

Agriculture plays a crucial role in the Philippine economy, and Landbank recognizes the importance of supporting farmers. With specialized loan programs, Landbank aims to provide financial assistance and empower farmers to enhance their agricultural activities. The following loan options are available:

  1. Da Sikat Saka Program: In partnership with the Department of Agriculture (DA), Landbank’s Da Sikat Saka Program provides direct credit support to farmers. This program aims to strengthen the agricultural sector by offering financial assistance and fostering sustainable farming practices. By providing funds for inputs, equipment, and other farming needs, the Da Sikat Saka Program helps farmers improve productivity and generate higher incomes.
  2. Agricultural Credit Support Project: The Agricultural Credit Support Project (ACSP) is a funding mechanism offered by Landbank to enhance investments in the agricultural sector. Through this program, farmers can access funds for agricultural-related activities, such as purchasing farm equipment, improving irrigation systems, and expanding farm operations. By providing financial resources, the ACSP aims to generate new job opportunities, improve agricultural productivity, and contribute to the overall development of the agricultural sector.
  3. Agricultural and Fishers Financing Program: The Agricultural and Fishers Financing Program (AFFP) is specifically designed to address the financial needs of small farmers. Through this program, Landbank provides credit facilities and financial support to farmers, enabling them to finance their economic activities. Whether it’s acquiring new farmland, investing in livestock or crops, or improving farm infrastructure, the AFFP offers small farmers the necessary resources to sustain and expand their businesses.

Loans for Fishers

The fishing industry is a vital sector of the Philippine economy, and Landbank recognizes the significance of supporting fisherfolk. With loan options tailored to their needs, Landbank aims to provide financial assistance to fishermen engaged in agricultural and fishing activities. The following loan programs are available:

  1. Agricultural Credit Support Project: In addition to supporting farmers, the Agricultural Credit Support Project (ACSP) also benefits fishermen looking to enhance their agricultural projects. This program provides financial assistance and support to fishermen engaged in activities related to aquaculture and fish farming. By offering funds for the establishment or improvement of fish ponds, purchase of fingerlings, and investment in aquaculture infrastructure, the ACSP promotes sustainable fishing practices and economic growth in the fishing industry.
  2. Agricultural and Fishers Financing Program: Similar to its offering for farmers, Landbank’s Agricultural and Fishers Financing Program (AFFP) grants Filipino fisherfolk access to formal credit opportunities. By providing financial support, this program empowers fishermen to invest in their businesses, improve productivity, and contribute to the growth of the fishing industry. Whether it’s purchasing new fishing equipment, maintaining fishing vessels, or expanding fishing operations, the AFFP ensures that fishermen have the financial resources they need to thrive.


The Landbank loan application provides a comprehensive range of loan options to cater to the diverse needs of Filipinos. Whether one is looking to achieve homeownership, enhance agricultural productivity, or support fishing endeavors, Landbank offers tailored loan programs with flexible terms and competitive interest rates.

By leveraging the extensive expertise and financial resources of Landbank, individuals and businesses can access the necessary funding to realize their goals and contribute to the economic development of the Philippines.

Landbank’s commitment to serving the Filipino people is evident through its diverse loan offerings, aimed at empowering individuals and sectors crucial to the country’s progress. With Landbank’s support, Filipinos can turn their aspirations into reality, fueling growth and prosperity for the nation as a whole.

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