Maya Personal Loan


Need a quick and hassle-free solution to secure a 20K loan in the Philippines? Look no further than Maya Personal Loan, designed to provide you with the additional cash you need for emergency expenses such as home repairs or school fees.

With Maya Personal Loan, the application process is effortless. Simply download the Maya app and complete the application with ease. Upon approval, the loan amount is swiftly deposited into your Maya Wallet, ensuring immediate access to funds.

Here are the key details of Maya Personal Loan:

  • Loanable Amount: Ranging from β‚±15,000 to β‚±250,000
  • Interest Rate: Fixed at 1.40%
  • Loan Tenure: Flexible repayment options of up to 24 months
  • Application Fee: Absolutely none, saving you from any upfront costs or hidden charges.

With Maya Personal Loan, you not only gain access to the funds you need but also benefit from transparent terms and convenient repayment options. Experience financial flexibility and peace of mind with Maya Personal Loan today.

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