Salmon Company’s contact numbers, email address for Complaints Mechanism

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Salmon, a subsidiary of FHL Financing Company Inc., is a dynamic financial entity headquartered in the Philippines. Founded in July 2022 by seasoned experts in both banking and fintech, namely Pavel Fedorov, George Chesakov, and Raffy Montemayor, Salmon is committed to revolutionizing the financial landscape.

Operated by Fintech Holdings Ltd., Salmon provides platform-as-a-service solutions to its esteemed partners, which include:

  1. Sunprime Finance Inc. (SEC Reg. No. CS201916698, C.A. No. 1241) – an online lending platform.
  2. FHL Financing Company Inc. (SEC Reg. No. 2022100071291-07, C.A. F-22-0038-29) – a service application provider.

One of Salmon’s flagship offerings is the Salmon Cash Loan, a versatile personal loan designed to empower individuals with the flexibility to meet their diverse financial needs and desires. With Salmon Cash Loan, there are no restrictions on how you utilize the funds. Whether it’s for urgent expenses, investments, or personal indulgences, you have the freedom to allocate the funds as you see fit.

Moreover, Salmon Cash Loan offers seamless convenience, allowing recipients to transfer the funds to any bank supporting Instapay or to popular e-wallets such as GCash, ensuring swift access to funds whenever and wherever needed.

Name of the Company FHL Financing Company, Inc.
Online Lending Platform NONE
Company’s contact numbers for Complaints Mechanism (landline/s and/ or mobile numbers) +63 2 8876 1978; Facebook Messenger
Company’s email address for Complaints Mechanism [email protected]
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