SSS Salary Loan: Frequently Asked Questions


How can I determine my eligible SSS salary loan amount?

To ascertain the loan amount you’re eligible for, you must first ascertain your total posted SSS contributions. Access all your contributions through the My.SSS portal by logging into your account and selecting Inquiry. Choose Contributions to view your total contributions.

What is the processing time for SSS salary loans in 2024?

In 2024, the processing time for salary loan applications of self-employed, voluntary, and overseas Filipino worker members is stated by the SSS to be within “60 seconds + 5 clicks.”

How can I check the status of my SSS salary loan application?

You will receive notification messages via email or the notification inbox on your My.SSS account regarding the status of your loan application with the SSS. Upon approval of your salary loan, you will receive a text message from the SSS.

What does “SSS Loan Application Has Been Granted” signify?

This message indicates that your salary loan has been approved. You can verify your SSS salary loan status by logging into your My.SSS account, clicking on Inquiry, and then selecting Loan Info. Here, you will find your SSS loan status and other pertinent details. Additionally, you will receive another notification via SMS once the loan proceeds have been credited to your designated disbursement account.

How will I receive the loan proceeds?

SSS disburses salary loan proceeds solely to the member’s enrolled disbursement bank account.

How do I repay my SSS loan?

Borrowers are required to repay their salary loans in 24 monthly installments, with the monthly amortization commencing in the second month following the loan’s date. Payments are due on or before the SSS salary loan payment deadline specified below.

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