Use the metrobank auto loan calculator


The URL you shared ( directs to Metrobank’s car loan calculator. Here’s a guide on how to utilize it effectively:

  1. Enter the car’s selling price into the “Selling Price” field.
  2. Input your preferred down payment amount in the “Down Payment” field. By default, the calculator assumes a 20% down payment, but you can adjust this as needed.
  3. The calculator will then provide estimates for the loan amount and your monthly amortization based on your inputs. You can also tweak the “Number of Payments” to observe how payment amounts change with varying loan terms.

It’s essential to keep in mind:

  • The results produced by the calculator serve as estimates.
  • Actual interest rates and loan conditions may differ based on your creditworthiness and other factors.
  • For the most accurate information, consider reaching out to Metrobank directly or proceeding with their online application process to receive final quoted rates.
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