Why Are Financial Organizations More Popular Than Banks?


When it comes to loans, a customer has difficulty in choosing a lender. There are two options: contact a bank or visit a financial organization’s website. Today, the second option, a financial organization, has become very popular. We did some research and found out why these organizations are more loved and how they differ from banks.
First Reason
Financial organizations have proven to be 83% faster to work than conventional banks. It takes 20 minutes to complete the application and receive the money in your account. The reason for this is that unlike banks, financial organizations do not provide other services common to banks, such as cash operations, or accept cash deposits from the public. Therefore, their full attention is on the loans and choosing the most convenient and advantageous interest for the clients.
Second Reason
Generally, financial organizations operate on small amounts of money. This type of loan (the so-called personal loan) is convenient when you need money now and don’t want to wait for payday. You don’t have to stand in line and mingle with counselors. According to a customer survey conducted at the beginning of the year, these are the points of interest when choosing a lender.
Third Reason
Financial organizations willingly offer loans to applicants who have had little or no time to build a credit history or have experienced some hardship and now have a bad credit history. Meanwhile, banks do not want to do business with such clients.
Fourth Reason
Clients are more often rejected for loans in banks than in financial organizations. Financial organizations approve twice as many applications as banks. For this reason, customers do not need to spend a lot of time forwarding an application to a bank and waiting for its decision. They can pass directly to the organization. It’s even faster when done over the Internet.
Fifth Reason
Financial organizations provide their services online and do not subject you to red tape. They check your credit history themselves. Usually, all they need is your government-issued ID like a license or passport.
Sixth Reason
One factor that plays into the thousands of clients at traditional banks is how selective banks are in lending money. Banks use stricter methods of approving loans that their customers apply for, and in many cases will not give money without collateral. Financial organizations will not ask you for collateral to receive a loan and approve loans more easily. Our clients say that this feature gives them a sense of safety and a high level of comfort.

You can see that the two financial structures are quite different. The advantage of financial organizations is obvious but why don’t you try it?

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