Why Choose Maya for Your Personal Loan Needs?


Maya Personal Loan offers an array of features that competes favorably with many leading loan providers in the Philippines. Before delving into the process of availing a Maya Personal Loan, let’s explore these remarkable features:

✅ Effortless Online Application

Securing a Maya Personal Loan is as simple as downloading the Maya mobile app, accessing the personal loan application platform, and completing a brief questionnaire.

✅ Swift Approval and Disbursement

Assessment is swift, providing instant eligibility confirmation. Maya boasts of “instant” approval, and upon application submission, your loan status is promptly displayed. Approved loans are disbursed to your Maya Wallet within one banking day, with detailed terms available instantly on the Maya app.

✅ Flexible Loan Amounts and Terms

Maya Bank Personal Loan offerings range from ₱15,000 to ₱250,000, repayable over a period of up to 24 months, soon extending to 48 months. Although Maya’s maximum loan amount may be lower compared to traditional banks, it still exceeds offerings from non-banking financial institutions like Home Credit. Approval amounts are subject to credit evaluation, tailored to individual financial profiles.

✅ Competitive Interest Rates

Anticipated for its low rates, Maya Personal Loan delivers with monthly add-on rates as low as 0.77% for a 24-month installment period, attracting savvy loan seekers. Detailed interest rate information is readily accessible via the Maya app and disclosure statements.

✅ Waived Fees via Early Access Promo

Maya currently offers an early access promo waiving service fees and documentary stamp taxes for approved loan applicants. Eligible participants only incur interest fees, alleviating concerns about processing fees and extra charges. However, late penalty fees still apply for overdue payments.

✅ Standardized Documentation Requirements

Aligning with traditional banks, Maya’s digital platform streamlines the submission of standard loan documents. Salaried individuals must provide recent pay slips, employment certificates, or income tax returns, while self-employed applicants need to furnish proof of income and business registration.

✅ Convenient Repayment Options

Managing your Maya Personal Loan is hassle-free, with repayment options available directly through the Maya app. For those preferring cash payments, Maya Centers facilitate in-person payments with efficient processing within three business days upon presenting the bill statement.

Choosing Maya for your personal loan needs ensures convenience, competitive rates, and transparent processes, making financial management a seamless experience.

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