TOP 56 Lending Companies Operating in the Philippines (2024)

The fintech sector in the Philippines has been experiencing remarkable growth and transformation in recent years. The emergence of various fintech lending companies has revolutionized the way Filipinos access financial services, bridging the gap between traditional banking and the unbanked or underbanked population. In this article, CashLoanPH: will explore the diverse landscape of fintech lending companies operating in the Philippines, each with its unique value proposition, mission, and impact on the country’s financial ecosystem.

  1. Advance: : Advance stands at the forefront of providing on-demand salary advances in the Philippines. This innovative fintech company extends financial services to employees through their employers, offering quick access to a portion of their earned wages. This service not only promotes financial wellness among employees but also enriches a company’s core benefits program, enhancing overall engagement.
  2. Asialink Finance Corporation: : Asialink Finance Corporation is a prominent and rapidly growing finance company in the Philippines. With a wide array of financial services, it has established itself as a trusted institution, serving the financial needs of a broad customer base.
  3. Asteria Lending: : Asteria Lending is dedicated to making credit more accessible to individuals and micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) through the power of data and technology. By leveraging innovative underwriting models, they aim to provide credit where it’s needed most.
  4. Balikbayad: Balikbayad is a service offered by First Digital Finance Corporation, a fintech company licensed by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). This service is a testament to their commitment to financial innovation and inclusion.
  5. BillEase: BillEase introduces an innovative “buy now, pay later” application that empowers customers to split their payments into interest-free or interest-bearing installments. What sets BillEase apart is its role as a sales optimization tool and alternative payment method utilized by more than 400 online merchants across the Philippines.
  6. Blend.PH: Blend.PH is a peer-to-peer funding platform owned and managed by Inclusive Financial Technologies, Inc. Their mission revolves around promoting responsible borrowing and ethical lending. Through their platform, borrowers and lenders come together, creating opportunities for financial empowerment.
  7. Bukas: Bukas is on a mission to democratize access to higher education in the Philippines. Through strategic partnerships with leading educational institutions, they offer affordable financing solutions for Filipino students. As of the latest count, they have funded thousands of students, and they continue to expand their reach and impact nationwide.
  8. CashBee: CashBee is a fast-paced startup online lending company that prides itself on delivering top-notch service to both clients and employees. Their commitment to employee growth and appreciation reflects their dedication to creating a positive working environment.
  9. CashExpress: CashExpress Philippines Financing Inc. operates as an online lending platform, offering quick and easy access to credit for local clients. Their streamlined approval process ensures that borrowers can get funds in their accounts in no time.
  10. CashJeep: CashJeep is an online lending app that provides easy access to funds for a variety of purposes, such as starting a business, paying for education, or covering monthly bills. Their mission is to make a meaningful difference in the lives of Filipinos through their simple and efficient lending platform.
  11. Cash Mart: Acknowledging the strong connections between Singapore and the Philippines, Cash Mart expanded its services to bring unparalleled loan solutions to the Filipino people. With over 45 years of experience, they continue to serve the financial needs of Filipinos with determination and enthusiasm.
  12. Cash Me: Cash Me is an online cash loan and lending platform operated by Hupan Lending Technology Incorporated. Their presence in the fintech space contributes to the ongoing transformation of financial services in the Philippines.
  13. Cepat Kredit Financing, Inc.: Cepat Kredit Financing, Inc. is a fast-growing Filipino-owned financing company that specializes in providing financial solutions for Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW), both land-based and sea-based, as well as motorcycle and tricycle unit owners.
  14. Crawfort Finance: Crawfort Finance is one of Singapore’s most reputed and trusted licensed moneylenders. Since their inception, they have disbursed more than 200,000 loans and received recognition from Singapore’s Prestige Brand Awards 2019.
  15. Digido: Digido believes that every hardworking Filipino should have access to convenient, secure, and affordable financial tools. Their commitment to enhancing the financial well-being of Filipinos drives their presence in the fintech sector.
  16. Direct Loan: Direct Loan, a loan product issued by iDirect Finance Company, Inc., a finance company licensed by the SEC of the Philippines, serves as a reliable partner for cash loans. They strive to provide a convenient and friendly credit loan service to Filipinos, promoting financial stability and progress.
  17. EasyCash: Easycash is a financial service company that provides loans specifically designed to support Filipino seafarers and their families. Their services are geared toward making a difference in the lives of those who work tirelessly at sea.
  18. E-Perash: E-Perash is a Philippine fintech company committed to providing accessible financial services to underserved customers. They aim to give alternative financial services to those who have limited access to traditional banking.
  19. FCash Global Lending Inc.: FCash Global Lending Inc. provides easy, non-collateralized, and no-guarantee-required online loan services to every ordinary borrower, offering a lifeline to Filipinos seeking to overcome financial challenges.
  20. Finbro.PH: Finbro.PH is an online lending platform that understands the financial needs of Filipinos, especially when unexpected expenses arise. Their commitment is to provide a simple, fast, and convenient lending experience, helping customers achieve financial peace of mind.
  21. First Circle: First Circle is a trailblazer in Financial Technology (FinTech), founded with the mission of empowering Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in growth markets. Their innovative financing solutions provide convenient access to financial services, allowing strong businesses to thrive based on meritocracy rather than collateral or connections.
  22. Flexi: Flexi is committed to providing accessible and affordable financing services to the Filipino population. By addressing the financial needs of Filipinos from various walks of life, they play a vital role in promoting financial inclusion.
  23. GCash: GCash, a versatile financial app, offers a wide range of services, from buying load and paying bills to sending money and shopping online. With millions of users, GCash has become a staple in the daily lives of many Filipinos.
  24. Global CreditPros: Global CreditPros is one of the pioneering FinTech companies in the Philippines. Their mission is to provide a holistic suite of financial offerings for Filipinos, advocating for financial inclusion and literacy. They guide individuals onto a path of retirement, offering them a brighter financial future.
  25. GrabFinance: GrabPay is an eWallet within the Grab “super app,” the largest ride-hailing app in Southeast Asia, serving over 100 million users. GrabPay allows users to store credit, pay for various services within the app, and make payments both in-store and online. Their presence has significantly contributed to the digital payment revolution in the Philippines.
  26. HappyPera: HappyPera is a Filipino technology and financial services company dedicated to enhancing the financial well-being of its users. Their innovative solutions cater to the financial needs of Filipinos, contributing to their happiness and prosperity.
  27. Home Credit: Home Credit is a global tech-driven consumer finance company that understands the transformative power of technology in the lives of people. They use technology to change how individuals purchase and afford the things they need, operating in nine countries, including the Philippines.
  28. InvestEd: InvestEd aims to address the pressing issue of access to higher education and upskilling for under-resourced youth in the Philippines. By providing loans to young dreamers without collateral, they strive to level the playing field and create opportunities for a brighter future.
  29. JuanHand: JuanHand is a trusted partner for cash loans. As one of the unique fintech platforms in the Philippines, their simple application and approval process empower individuals to borrow money instantly, improving their financial stability.
  30. Kviku: Kviku is the first service in the Philippines that operates entirely in online mode, without the need for human operators. Their fully automated operation ensures that loans are available anytime, day or night, making them a reliable source of quick financial solutions.
  31. LF Lending Services Corporation: LF Lending Services Corporation is a privately held company founded with the sole purpose of providing easily accessible loans to Filipinos. They challenge the stigma associated with non-bank lenders by offering reasonably priced short-term multi-purpose loans, ensuring proper evaluation and proportionate amortizations for every client.
  32. LoanChamp: LoanChamp is an online lending platform on a mission to provide fast, easy, and affordable finance. Their streamlined lending process ensures that borrowers can access the funds they need without unnecessary hassle.
  33. simplifies the borrowing process by connecting borrowers to a network of reputable lending institutions. With a single application form, clients can explore various loan products, all from the comfort of their own homes, eliminating the need to visit multiple banks or lenders.
  34. MarCoPay: MarCoPay is an eWallet platform designed primarily for seafarers, their families, and friends, aimed at improving their quality of life. The eWallet is developed and maintained by MarCoPay Inc., a Philippine corporation duly licensed by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas as an Electronic Money Issuer.
  35. MoneyCat: MoneyCat Online Philippines is dedicated to providing financial solutions quickly and easily, with loan durations of up to 180 days. Their mission is to offer Filipinos the financial support they need to achieve their goals and dreams.
  36. OKPeso: OKPeso is a SEC licensed online cash loan application providing safe loan services in the Philippines. Their dedication to financial safety ensures that customers can rely on their services with confidence.
  37. Online Loans Pilipinas: Online Loans Pilipinas focuses on digital financial solutions, uplifting the financial well-being of its customers through online micro and consumer financing. They aim to streamline the borrowing process and offer a convenient and accessible solution.
  38. Pautang Online: Pautang Online is an online lending app in the Philippines that offers loans and cash transfers with a quick and easy application and approval process. Their round-the-clock customer service ensures that borrowers have access to the assistance they need when they need it.
  39. PawnHero: PawnHero is a trailblazing online pawnshop in Southeast Asia, reshaping the industry by providing affordable personal loans against a wide range of items. Their innovative approach to lending helps individuals meet their short-term financial needs.
  40. PesoLoan: PesoLoan understands the importance of compliance in the financial services industry, which is why they take pride in being a SEC registered company offering a digitized mobile platform. Their platform simplifies the lending process while ensuring it adheres to the highest standards of safety and security.
  41. PitaCash: PitaCash is committed to providing quality cash loans with transparency, accessibility, and usefulness for the customer care of Filipinos. Their dedication to customer satisfaction and financial well-being sets them apart as one of the trusted and best service loans in the Philippines.
  42. PondoPeso: PondoPeso is one of the leading fintech platforms dedicated to providing financial help to all Filipinos. Their services are safe, convenient, and tailored to meet the financial needs of a diverse customer base.
  43. Prima Fintech Lending Corp: Prima Fintech Lending Corp is an international non-bank financial institution founded in 2017. By expanding to the Philippines and Indonesia in 2019, they have served over 5 million active customers. Their mission is to provide financial access to people and guide them on a financial wellness journey.
  44. QLO (Quick Loans Online): QLO is a cost-free and risk-free salary loan facility powered by MRACC, designed to augment employee benefits. Their quick access to cash for urgent financial needs enhances employee retention and productivity.
  45. SAVii: SAVii’s services have evolved beyond financial assistance to include on-demand learning, mental health support, and relevant insurance protection. SAVii aims to be a holistic tool for empowering the workforce, addressing various aspects of employees’ well-being.
  46. ShopeePay: ShopeePay is SeaMoney’s mobile wallet, offering users easy access to digital payment services. Users can make online payments, top up their wallets, transfer and withdraw funds, and make payments offline at thousands of merchant partner locations, creating a seamless shopping experience.
  47. SeekCap: SeekCap is an online lending marketplace where MSMEs can register and apply for hassle-free business loans. Their partnerships with trusted lenders ensure that they offer the best loan products in the market, with loan amounts ranging from PHP 50,000 up to PHP 20M and interest rates as low as 2%.
  48. SurityCash: SurityCash provides fast and safe loan services, ensuring that borrowers can access funds with confidence and convenience. Their commitment to safety sets them apart as a reliable lending platform.
  49. Tala Philippines: Tala is a financial technology company on a mission to build a financial system that works for everyone. Their lending app instantly underwrites and delivers credit to customers who have little or no formal borrowing history. Tala has disbursed over $1 billion to more than 4 million customers across East Africa, the Philippines, Mexico, and India, helping them start and expand small businesses, pay school fees and bills, and build more stable financial lives.
  50. U Peso: U Peso is a fast-growing fintech company headquartered in Singapore, providing online financial services to Filipinos nationwide. Their services started with cash loans and will expand into more sectors, such as consumer finance, consumer goods and services installments, and big data credit investigation. With around 10,000 active borrowers, they are making a significant impact in the Philippines.
  51. Vamo: Vamo Lending Inc. operates under the umbrella of VIA SMS Group, one of the leading financial organizations in Europe and Asia. With over 700,000 customers, Vamo brings with it the best talents and technology to provide credit lines that can be accessed anytime and repayment schemes that suit every budget situation.
  52. Vidalia: Vidalia is a company based in the Philippines that specializes in offering short-term loans to Filipinos, particularly to migrant workers. Their services are tailored to meet the unique financial needs of this demographic.
  53. Welcome Finance, Inc.: Welcome Finance, Inc. offers retail loans, both non-collateralized (Personal Loans, Seaman’s Loan, Salary Loan) and collateralized (Auto Loan). Their diverse range of loan products caters to a wide spectrum of financial needs.
  54. WeLoan: WeLoan offers legitimate personal loans that meet borrowers’ financial needs with low interest rates and quick approval, making the lending process simple and hassle-free.
  55. Yulon Finance Philippines Corporation: Yulon Finance Philippines Corporation is a new subsidiary, wholly invested by Yulon Finance Corporation. Their core businesses focus on new car and used car financing, as well as developing financing facilities for machinery, equipment, and commercial vehicles.
  56. Zenith Capital: Zenith Capital is a financing company that facilitates quick and easy-to-access business loans to Philippine SMEs and corporations. They aim to ease the various scales of financial challenges that businesses face, enabling them to work toward their goals.


The fintech revolution in the Philippines has ushered in a new era of financial inclusion and empowerment. These fintech lending companies have not only addressed the financial needs of diverse segments of the population but have also leveraged technology to make the lending process more efficient and accessible. As these companies continue to evolve and expand their services, they play a pivotal role in shaping the financial landscape of the Philippines and improving the lives of countless Filipinos. With each company’s unique mission and approach, the future of fintech in the Philippines is bright, promising, and full of opportunities for those seeking financial stability and prosperity.

Source: Philippines Fintech Report

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