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Easy get an instant personal loan upto PHP 10,000 with PesoBuffet app. 0% interest for our new users. Coupons for repeat users. Join PesoBuffet Loan App and get the limited offer right now!

Loan App PesoBuffet PH
Loan Amount up to PHP 10,000
Loan Term up to 365 days
SEC Registration No.  2021050012959-04

PesoBuffet is your reliable partner in achieving your short-term goals when you are financially constrained. Their online loan service will help you make your dream turn into reality. Their flexible repayment term with no collateral requirement will be your friend during hard times. Their secured and smooth process will save you time to get a loan not more than 24 hours plus no lines to worry about. Let’s achieve your goals together at any time of the day. Start your application now with our 5-minute easy process.

Get an instant personal loan with PesoBuffet app. Secure instant personal loan platform. Loan amount ₱10,000. MIN ₱2,000 MAX ₱10,000.


About PesoBuffet PH

PesoBuffet PH are a professional persoanl loan platform which aims to help people with financial problems. No matter where and when you are in need of cash, they provide you with the simple and secure online product to help you get over the difficulties. Minimal documentation is required. Start to enjoy the flexible process with PesoBuffet PH.

Introduction of Product PesoBuffet

  • Loan Amount: ₱2,000 – ₱10,000
  • Loan Term: 180 days (shortest, including renewal) – 365 days (longest, including renewal)
  • Annual Interest Rate (APR): Maximum interest rate is 20% , and 0% for new users
  • Other fees: There will be no other fees. Absolutely no hidden charges.

PesoBuffet App will deduct your loan amount with a one-time Service Fee of 10% upon disbursement. The service fee will solely depend on your profile evaluation.

Example Loan Case: If you apply for ₱5,000 with a term of 180 days (6 months), the annual interest rate (APR) is 10%, and the one-time service fee is 10%, no other fees, then you will need to repay as following:

  • The one-time service fee: 5,000*10%=500
  • Disbursal amount in hand: 5,000-500=4,500
  • The total interest fee: 5,000*10%*180/365=247
  • Total amount to repay at due date: 5,000+247=5,247
  • Monthly repayment: 5,247/6=875

Advantages of PesoBuffet App PH

  • High approval rate: Easy for everyone to get a loan with a high approval opportunity.
  • Fast review process: Get approved within 1-3 minutes after submitting the application.
  • Easy and Minimal Documentation: Few documentation is required, easy to apply whenever you need the loan.
  • Collateral-free: PesoBuffet offer loans based on your credit history and do not require any pledges for security.
  • No hidden charges: There are no hidden or pre-payment charges.
  • Safe and Secure: PesoBuffet’s platform is completely safe and secure and so are your details

How to Apply a Loan in PesoBuffet PH?

Only take 5 easy steps to apply a loan:

  • Step 1. Download PesoBuffet – You can download PesoBuffet by search the name in GooglePlay and install on your mobile phone.
  • Step 2: Register an account – Register or log in with your mobile number.
  • Step 3. Fill out the simple forms to proceed with the loan. PesoBuffet only require 1 valid ID, around 10 types of cards are acceptable.
  • Step 4: Submit application – Choose your loan amount and loan term, and submit the application
  • Step 5. Receive money in your account – Loan approved within 1 minute and money disbursed instantly. After repayment, you can re-loan with a higher amount.

FAQ About PesoBuffet PH

What requirements do I need to qualify?

  • You should be a Filipino citizen
  • Of legal age: 18 years old or older
  • Has 1 government-issued ID
  • Stable income

Can I register multiple numbers under my name?

Unfortunately, no. PesoBuffet PH have a one user is to one account policy to ensure that the user can pay the loan amounts on time. They don’t just lend, they also want to help you maintain a good financial record.

How can I receive the money?

  • Cash pickup: M Lhuillier/RD Pawnshop
  • E-wallet: GCash/Coins/Paymaya/GrabPay
  • Online bank

How to I make a payment?

Go to the app and select any of the repayment options such as E-wallets or convenience stores in the Philippines: GCash/Paymaya/M Lhuillier/RD Pawnshop/7-11/etc.

Contacts PesoBuffet PH

Copperstone Lending Inc.

SEC Registration No. 2021050012959-04. Registered Business Name: PesoBuffet. CERTIFICATE OF AUTHORITY NO.3454

  • Address: The Penthouse, Marajo Tower, 26th st. Cor. 4th Ave. Bonifacio Global City 312 Metro Manila Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City, Fourth District, National Capital Region (NCR), 1634
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Customer service hours: 9AM – 6PM


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