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Are you in urgent need of cash? In a time where traditional banking systems could no longer accommodate the fast-paced, demanding lifestyle of Filipinos, Zippeso provides an alternative solution to your financial needs. Zippeso is a legitimate online lending application that offers cash loans via online channels. With its hassle-free process and quick disbursement, it has helped many Filipinos in dire need of money.

Founded by a team of finance and technology professionals, Zippeso is dedicated to providing more feasible options for Filipinos in need of a loan. Zippeso is designed to be user-friendly, convenient, and reliable. It also strictly follows the regulations set by the government to ensure compliance and legitimacy, making it a trustworthy online lending application.

Loan App Zippeso Online Cash Loan
Loan Amount ₱ 2,000.00 – ₱ 20,000.00
Loan Term 91 days – 365 days
SEC Registration No. CS201916340


Who Can Benefit from Zippeso?

Zippeso caters to Filipino citizens aged 18 to 60 years old with a stable income and a valid government-issued ID. The app uses a more holistic approach to evaluating one’s capacity to pay rather than solely relying on credit scores, allowing more people to qualify for loans. If you are a salaried employee or a professional who needs extra cash for any emergency or personal purposes, Zippeso can be your go-to solution.

Is Zippeso Online Cash Loan App Legit?

Zippeso app owned by TREASURE BOWL FINTECH LENDING CORP. They are SEC-registered (SEC registration NO.CS201916340/CA NO.3101).

Why Choose Zippeso?

Zippeso has been gaining popularity among Filipinos due to its compelling features that prioritize the convenience of its users. Here’s what makes Zippeso stand out from other online lending applications in the Philippines.

Hassle-free Application Process

Zippeso’s application process does not require physical paperwork or collateral, unlike traditional banking loans that are time-consuming and require heaps of documentation. The app uses a simple form that you need to fill out and submit online. The approval of the loan is also quick, taking up to 48 hours compared to traditional banks, which may take a week or more.

Secure and Reliable Transactions

Zippeso uses advanced encryption technology to ensure the security and confidentiality of its user’s personal information. It guarantees that all data will not be disclosed to unauthorized third-party entities. The app also has a very transparent transaction process with no hidden fees, allowing its users to manage their finances more efficiently.

Flexible Loan Terms

Zippeso offers a wide range of loans from ₱2,000.00 to ₱20,000.00, depending on the amount you need. You can also choose your loan term ranging from 91 days to 365 days, giving you more flexibility with your repayments.

Multiple Disbursement Channel Options

Once your loan has been approved, it will be disbursed within the same day to your preferred bank, e-wallets like GCash/Paymaya/Grabpay, or over-the-counter channels like MLhuillier, RDPawnshop, 7/11, or Cebuana. This feature provides more convenience and flexibility to its users to access their loan funds anytime, anywhere.

Reasonable Interest and Fees

Zippeso’s interest rate is among the lowest in the online lending industry. The app charges from 0.1% to 0.35% of the loan amount as a service fee, making it a more affordable option for those who are struggling financially. Zippeso also only charges a maximum Annual Percentage Rate (APR) of 20%, which is considered extremely reasonable and competitive.

How Are Zippeso Loans Computed?

Zippeso follows a simple and transparent computation method for the loan amount, interest fee, and total repayment amount. As an example, a loan amount of ₱10,000 with a loan term of 120 days would have an interest fee of ₱600 and a total service fee of ₱30. Therefore, the total repayment amount would be ₱10,630.00.

Monthly interest fee for the same example would be ₱150, and the monthly repayment amount (including a principal amount and interest fee) would be ₱2,650. These computations make it easier for users to manage their finances and have a clear understanding of the total amount they need to repay.

How to Contact Zippeso?

If you have any queries or issues related to Zippeso, you can contact their team at 09668651730 or 09158083137. You can also send an email to [email protected]. Their customer service team is available from Monday to Sunday from 9 am to 6 pm.


Zippeso Online Cash Loan App offers a fast, convenient, and reliable solution to your financial needs. With its hassle-free process, multiple disbursement channel options, and flexible loan terms, it provides a platform for Filipinos to access financial support when they need it the most. The straightforward computation method, reasonable interest rate, and fees make it a more affordable and manageable option for those who are struggling financially.

Zippeso is a trustworthy online lending application that follows government regulations to ensure its users’ safety and privacy.


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