Is Vamo Loan PH Legit?


The increasing demand for financial services in the Philippines has resulted in the emergence of various lenders in the market. However, the challenge for most Filipinos looking to secure a loan is to find a trustworthy lender that offers easy, accessible, and manageable credit lines. One such lender in the Philippines is Vamo Lending Inc. But, the question on the minds of many people is, “Is Vamo Loan PH Legit?

Vamo Lending Inc. is a member of the VIA SMS Group, which is a top financial enterprise operating in Europe and Asia. With a customer base of over 700,000 in different countries, it has become one of the trusted lending companies globally. The Philippines is among the countries that benefit from the organization’s offerings. Vamo Lending Inc. holds a Certificate of Authority from the Securities and Exchange Commission, which authorizes it to do business in the Philippines.

One of the significant advantages of borrowing from Vamo Lending Inc. is its fully digitized services. Its objective is to provide easy and manageable credit lines to locals. Through its customer-focused approach and innovation, the company has increased access to loan products for the underserved and unbanked. It makes it easy to secure a loan and pay minimum monthly payments. Since the entity is registered with the exchange commission, the company protects customer information; hence you can submit your personal data with ease.

If you are looking for personal loans, you can turn to Vamo Lending Inc. A personal loan is a flexible financing option that can be used for almost anything. The lender does not restrict how you use the funds. Vamo Lending Inc. gives out unsecured loans ranging from PHP 1,000 to PHP 30,000. The lender evaluates your application to determine how much you can get.

As a new borrower, your loan limit is low. However, the loan amount increases over time. Your first loan comes with a fixed term of 10 days. You can opt to pay back the loan in its entirety, or with a minimum monthly payment. The lender charges 1.3% interest per day, and you have to repay the principal and interest earned at the end of your loan term. Vamo loan products cater to varied needs, from utilities to medical emergencies.

In conclusion, Vamo Loan PH is a legitimate lending company in the Philippines, with a solid reputation for providing easy and manageable credit lines to the underserved and unbanked population. It offers flexible personal loans with a low-interest rate, making it an ideal borrowing option for Filipinos looking for financial services. By leveraging technology and innovation, Vamo Lending Inc. ensures that loan products are accessible, secure, and trustworthy, which is vital for the financial well-being of its customers.


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