Where can I check Union Bank quick loan interest rate in the Philippines?


UnionBank, one of the leading financial institutions in the Philippines, offers a quick loan service that caters to the immediate financial needs of its customers. In this guide, CashLoanPH aims to provide a professional review of UnionBank’s quick loan offerings, focusing on interest rates, eligibility criteria, loan amounts, repayment terms, and additional fees.

By understanding the finer details of UnionBank’s quick loans, prospective borrowers can make informed decisions that align with their financial goals.

Checking UnionBank Quick Loan Interest Rates

UnionBank offers several convenient methods for borrowers to check their quick loan interest rates:

#1. Via the UnionBank Website

To access your current interest rate, simply log in to your UnionBank online account and navigate to the “Loans” section. Under “Quick Loans,” you will find your personalized interest rate displayed.

#2. Using the UnionBank Online App

Alternatively, customers can utilize the UnionBank Online App to check their interest rate. Upon opening the app, head to the “Loans” tab and find the “Quick Loans” section, where your current interest rate will be visible.

#3. Contacting UnionBank Customer Service

For those who prefer personalized assistance, contacting UnionBank’s customer service at (632) 8841-8600 allows you to inquire about your current quick loan interest rate.

Understanding UnionBank Quick Loan Interest Rates

The interest rates for UnionBank’s quick loans typically range between 12% and 24% per annum. However, it’s crucial to note that the specific interest rate offered to each borrower depends on various factors, with the credit score being a significant determinant.

Essential Details About UnionBank Quick Loans

  • Loan Amount: UnionBank quick loans provide borrowers with the flexibility to apply for loan amounts ranging from PHP 1,000 to PHP 20,000. The loan amount granted is subject to approval based on the individual’s financial profile.
  • Loan Term: Borrowers can select a suitable loan term, usually spanning from 6 months to 12 months, based on their financial capabilities and preferences. The loan term determines the duration within which the borrower must repay the loan amount.
  • Processing Fee: UnionBank charges a processing fee amounting to 10% of the loan principal, capped at PHP 10,000. Prospective borrowers should consider this fee when calculating the overall cost of the loan.
  • Payment Options: Repaying UnionBank quick loans is made easy with multiple payment options available. Borrowers can make payments online through the UnionBank website, the UnionBank Online App, or visit any UnionBank branch for in-person payments.

Considering UnionBank Quick Loans

Before applying for a UnionBank quick loan, it is advisable to consider the following factors:

  • Compare Interest Rates and Fees: To ensure the best financial decision, potential borrowers should compare UnionBank’s quick loan interest rates and processing fees with those offered by other lenders.
  • Assess Monthly Repayment Affordability: Borrowers must assess their financial capacity to meet monthly loan repayments. Prompt repayments not only foster good credit standing but also prevent the accumulation of additional interest and penalties.


UnionBank’s quick loan service serves as a valuable financial tool for those seeking immediate funds in the Philippines. With competitive interest rates, flexible loan terms, and convenient repayment options, UnionBank caters to the diverse needs of its customers. By carefully considering the loan’s terms and fees, borrowers can make well-informed decisions and confidently embark on their financial endeavors.

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