How To Track BPI Personal Loan?

Managing your personal finances is a crucial aspect of maintaining a healthy financial life. When it comes to personal loans, staying informed about the status and progress of your loan is of utmost importance. Fortunately, BPI (Bank of the Philippine Islands) offers various methods to track your personal loan, ensuring that you have easy access to essential information.

In this comprehensive guide, CashLoanPH will explore in detail the different ways you can effectively track your BPI personal loan. By following these methods, you can confidently stay updated on your loan application or manage your existing loan, allowing for greater financial control and peace of mind.

Stay Informed through SMS Updates

BPI understands the importance of timely information, and as a BPI personal loan applicant or borrower, you can receive regular SMS updates regarding your loan. These SMS notifications are designed to keep you informed about the progress and status of your loan application or existing loan. When you subscribe to SMS updates, you will receive messages containing the following vital information:

  1. Loan application status: You will receive updates on the status of your loan application, ensuring you are aware of any changes or progress made.
  2. Loan amount: The SMS will provide information regarding the approved loan amount, giving you a clear understanding of the funds available to you.
  3. Interest rate: Knowing the interest rate applied to your loan is essential for accurate financial planning and budgeting.
  4. Monthly amortization: The SMS updates will inform you about the monthly installment amount, helping you stay on top of your repayment obligations.
  5. Maturity date: Understanding the maturity date of your loan allows you to plan your finances effectively and ensure timely repayment.

By receiving these SMS updates directly on your mobile device, you can easily track the status and progress of your BPI personal loan.

Convenient Tracking with BPI Online

If you have a BPI Online account, tracking your personal loan becomes even more convenient. BPI Online provides a user-friendly platform, accessible via their website or mobile app, that allows you to monitor your loan status and access detailed loan information. To track your BPI personal loan using BPI Online, follow these simple steps:

  1. Visit the BPI Online website or open the BPI mobile app on your smartphone.
  2. Log in to your BPI Online account using your registered credentials.
  3. Navigate to the “Portfolio” tab, which provides an overview of all your financial accounts.
  4. Within the “Portfolio” section, locate your personal loan account. It will be listed along with your other accounts.
  5. Click on your personal loan account to access a more detailed view of your loan information.

Once you have accessed your loan account details, you will find comprehensive information displayed, including:

  1. Loan amount: The total amount approved for your loan will be clearly stated, allowing you to keep track of your borrowing.
  2. Interest rate: The applied interest rate will be specified, enabling you to calculate the cost of borrowing accurately.
  3. Monthly amortization: This section will detail the monthly installment amount, ensuring you are aware of your repayment commitment.
  4. Maturity date: The maturity date signifies the deadline for full repayment, helping you plan your finances accordingly.
  5. Outstanding balance: You can easily track the remaining balance on your loan, giving you a clear picture of your financial obligations.
  6. Next due date: This date indicates when your next payment is due, ensuring you stay on schedule with your repayments.
  7. Payment history: A record of your past payments will be available, allowing you to monitor your repayment progress and maintain accurate financial records.

Additionally, through BPI Online, you have the option to download a copy of your loan statement. This feature enables you to keep track of your loan details offline or for record-keeping purposes.

Personalized Assistance via the BPI Contact Center

For personalized assistance and real-time updates on your personal loan, the BPI Contact Center is at your service. By dialing the BPI hotline at ‎(+632) 889-10000, you can connect with a dedicated customer service representative who will provide you with the latest information regarding your loan. The BPI Contact Center is equipped to handle loan-related inquiries, offering direct communication and ensuring prompt responses to your specific concerns. Whether you need an update on your loan status or have questions about your repayment schedule, the BPI Contact Center is an excellent resource to rely on for accurate information and guidance.

In-Person Assistance at a BPI Branch

Sometimes, face-to-face interaction can be the most effective way to track your loan status and address any concerns or inquiries you may have. In such cases, you can visit any BPI branch and consult with a knowledgeable bank officer. The bank officer will guide you through the process of tracking your personal loan and provide you with personalized assistance. They will help you access the necessary loan information and ensure that you have a clear understanding of your loan’s status, progress, and repayment terms. The advantage of visiting a BPI branch is the opportunity to engage in detailed discussions and receive customized advice tailored to your specific financial needs.


Effectively tracking your BPI personal loan is essential for maintaining financial awareness and managing your obligations efficiently.

BPI offers multiple convenient methods to keep you informed about the status and progress of your loan, allowing for greater control and peace of mind. By utilizing SMS updates, BPI Online, the BPI Contact Center, or visiting a BPI branch, you can easily stay up-to-date with your loan application or manage your existing loan.

These channels provide access to comprehensive loan information, enabling you to plan your finances effectively and maintain a healthy financial life. Remember, staying informed is the key to successfully managing your BPI personal loan.

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