5+ Web Cash Loans Online Philippines 2023

Loans online can be a good and quick solution if you need additional funds. Compare lenders, apply for a loan and get money in your bank account!

Loan PHP 25,000 without references. Only passport. Issued even with a bad credit history. Without leaving your home. Get Loan on Card Online. Loan Philippines.

Personal loans in the Philippines

Personal loans in the Philippines are very popular, cause a lot of people have a need in short-term money asap. Of cause, many can use bank services and get money from one, but there are many Filipinos who can’t do it cause of bad credit scores or other reasons.

Top 5+ Cash Loans Online Philippines 24/24


Address: UNIT 2/C, Murphy Center, 187 Bonny Serrano Road, Socorro, QUEZON CITY SECOND DISTRICT, NCR, PH 1109 Phone number: (02) 887 684 84 E-mail: [email protected] Max APR: 143% Term: 3 months – 6 months Age: 21 – 70 Cost example: Loan of 15000 ₱ for 6 months, monthly payment 1785 ₱, total amount 20355 ₱, annual percentage rate APR 143%.



Address: Unit 1701 Tycoon bldg Pearl Drive st. Brgy San Antonio Ortigas Center Pasig City, PH 1800 Phone number: (63) 917 209 2204 E-mail: [email protected] Max APR: 145% Term: 3 months – 6 months Age: 22 – 75 Cost example: Loan of 2400 ₱ for 3 months, monthly payment 870 ₱, total amount 2610 ₱, annual percentage rate APR 145%.


Crezu.ph – Fininity Ltd

Crezu.ph is a trading name of Fininity Ltd., which is registered in Estonia (Company no. 14523902), Registered Office; Tartu mnt 52-166, 10115 Tallinn, Estonia. E-mail: [email protected] Max APR: 36% Term: 61 days – 4 months Calculation example: Loan of 10000 PHP for 3 months, monthly payment 3000 PHP, total amount 15000 PHP, annual percentage rate APR 36%.


Credify.ph – SCHAEFER LLC

SCHAEFER LLC, established in Latvia, Saldus, Liela iela 9, LV-3801. Email: [email protected] Max. APR (annual percentage rate) 795%. Loan amount: 20000 PHP. Max loan term: 1 year Calculation example: 5000 PHP and a loan term of 3 months, total payment within 3 months: 14810 PHP, of which interest on the loan: 9810 PHP.


Mazilla Philippines

Mazilla Philippines – is an online loan broker that offers to one’s customers the solution to find a loan. With one each Filipino can discover various offers. Mazilla works 24/7 so you can apply the application any time you want.

Mazilla is an international service that works in more than 15+ countries. It is available across all countries, the main point is, that you should have the Internet in order to fill in the application for the loan.

Annual loan interest rate is 30%, maximum – 365%. Loan period is from 91 days to 2 years.  If you take out a loan for 30.000 PhP at 4.5% monthly interest for 3 months, you will pay 4050 PhP extra by the loan due date. So, you will, in fact, pay 34.050 PhP. See below for calculations of interests, so that you can figure out the amount of repayment (including interest) for average service users. Loan amount – 30.000 PhP, monthly interest – 4.5%, loan term – 3 months. 4.5(%) * 3(months) = 13.5% for the 3 months (13.5% * 30.000 PhP (loan amount))/100% = 4.050 PhP (accrued interest) 30.000 PhP + 4.050 PhP = 34.050 PhP is the amount payable in three months. In the event of overdue payment, the penalty is 0.10% of the amount daily, but not to exceed 10% of the loan amount. In the event that the payment is substantially overdue, information will be submitted to a credit rating agency. A loan extension may be granted if the creditor is informed in a timely manner (prior to the due date of the loan) and interest is paid for the initial loan period. There are no additional fees for a loan extension.


OLP.ph – Online Loans Pilipinas Financing inc

Address: Unit 1402-06 14th Flr Tycoon Centre, Pearl Drive, San Antonio, Pasig City. OLP or Online Loan Pilipinas – apply your online loan 24/7. Your loan can be for any purpose, just read terms before, and, if everything ok, get your money with the help of microloan company.


Requirements for the borrower

Permanent resident of Philippines aged 18-75 with any credit history, account in a Philippines bank and active telephone number.

Terms of receiving a loan online

  • The first loan is possible from 1000 ₱ to 10000 ₱ with a 0% commission if the loan is repaid on time. Lenders offer different repayment periods at a discount of -100% on commission fee, more information on each lender’s website.
  • The first time you apply for a loan online, you must register and agree to the terms of the loan.
  • Upon receiving the receipt of a loan application, the lender reviews the application and, in the event of a positive response, transfers the money to the bank account from which the registration payment was made. It can take up to 15 to 30 minutes for you to receive the money in your bank account after applying for a loan.
  • When borrowing repeatedly, the borrower does not have to pay the registration fee, just choose the amount of money and the repayment term.

Annual Percentage Rate (APR)

The annual percentage rate of charge is the total cost of the credit, which usually includes the interest rate, the fee and other charges for the year, or other similar rate calculated in accordance with local law, expressed as a percentage. The annual percentage rate calculation does not include the costs of defaulting on the credit agreement.

Pros/Cons Loans Online In The Philippines

Pros Loans Online

  • Quick loans online – it is one of the fastest ways to get money for a short period of time.
  • No need a lot of documents.
  • Everything online, but you can get money also in the centres.

Cons Loans Online

  • Enough risky to be late with repayment and get into the financial troubles.
  • High interest-rates.
  • Not always transparent terms.
  • A lot of scams.
  • Your credit score can be spoiled.

TOP Lending Services in the Philippines

  1. Digido (Robocash) Philippines
  2. MoneyCat Philippines
  3. Online Loan Pilipinas
  4. Crezu Philippines
  5. Credify Philippines
  6. Mazilla Philippines
  7. SoScredit Philippines
  8. Finbro Philippines
  9. CashXpress Philippines
  10. Finloo Philippines

Note About Loans Online Philippines

  • Check if your credit score is good;
  • Compare the terms of all lenders.

What Are The Best Lenders In The Philippines 2023?

The best lenders are:

  • Digido PH
  • Moneycat PH
  • Online Loans Pilipinas
  • SoScredit Philippines

How do I Get A Quick Loans Online Philippines?


  1. Fill in the form. You fill out an online application and send it to us.
  2. Wait 20 minutes. We review your application and make a decision.
  3. Get money. You are guaranteed to receive money for a bank card.
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