WelcomeFinancePH: Offer Personal, Salary, Business, Auto Loan in Philippines

WelcomeFinance PH offers Fast and easy online loan up to PHP 3,000,000 with low interest rates for your financial needs. Offers retail loans, both non-collateralized (Personal Loans, Seaman’s Loan, Salary Loan and collateralized (Auto Loan)

Lending Company Welcome Finance INC
Loan products Personal, Salary, Business And Auto Loan.
Loan amount Up to ₱3,000,000
Loan term Up to 36 months


About WelcomeFinancePH

WelcomeFinancePH Philippines offers Non-collateral and Collateral loan product that fit with the needs and goals of Filipino Market.

Welcome Finance Inc. (Philippines) is a subsidiary of Welcome Financial Group of Korea. They also have other subsidiaries in Cambodia and Laos.

At Welcome Finance, they are offering competitive financial assistance with both collateral and non-collateral loan products. They are dedicated to focusing on helping enrich the lives of Filipinos and promoting community-based lending with the help of their growing branches all over the Philippines.

Welcome Finance endeavours to showcase the innovative and tech-savvy culture of Korea and the warm-hearted hospitality of Filipinos in fulfilling their objective to improve the lives of their clients.

Why Choose Welcome Finance?

  • Welcome Finance offers FREE and EASY online application.
  • Welcome Finance gives exceptional CUSTOMER SERVICE and REAL TIME status monitoring.
  • Welcome Finance can accommodate large-scale market due to its WIDE AREA COVERAGE and VARIETY OF LOAN PRODUCTS.
  • Welcome Finance is a WELL ESTABLISHED financing company originated from South Korea.

Loan products offered by Welcome Finance PH

Welcome Finance PH offer:

Personal Loan

The Non-Collateral loan with lowest interest rate and higher loan amount! Loan amount ₱50,000-₱1,000,000. Loan terms 12-36 months. Interest Rate 1.39 ~ 1.7% per month.

Salary Loan

Easy and fast online loan product for office workers with passion like you. Most widely used loan product with minimum qualifications. Loan amount ₱20,000-₱500,000. Loan terms 12-36 months. Interest Rate 3% per month.

Business Loan

Business Loan that offers up to 2Million pesos for business owners! Loan amount ₱50,000-₱3,000,000. Loan terms 12-36 months. Interest Rate 1.95 ~ 3% per month.

Auto Loan

  • Auto Loan: Get Your dream car that suits your lifestyle! Loan Amount: ₱100,000-₱1,000,000. Loan terms 12-48 months. Interest Rate 1-1.5% per month.
  • Auto Mortgage Loan: Collateralized your owned car and get higher loan amount with low interest rate! Loan amount ₱100,000-₱800,000. Loan terms 12-48 months. Interest Rate 1.4-2.25% per month.

Who is eligible to apply loan products WelcomeFinancePH?

  • Filipino Citizen in 21-65 of age.
  • Employed for at least 1 year and with minimum of P26,000 (Monthly income)
  • With Active credit card from any banks, and with minimum credit limit of P 20,000

How to apply for loan online WelcomeFinancePH?


  • Step 1 – Fill out the application form online: Fill out the form completely.
  • Step 2 – Get ready for our call: Prepare the required documents and Welcome Finance will inform you about your application through your mobile.
  • Step 3 – Wait for approval: Welcome Finance will inform you about your final approval conditions.
  • Step 4 – The money is now all yours: Get your approved loan from your nearest branch!

FAQ About WelcomeFinancePH

Is WelcomeFinancePH legit?

Yes, WelcomeFinancePH is legit. Corporate details: Welcome Finance INC. Sec Reg. No: CS201406256 COA NO: 1082.

Why Apply for Online Loan in Welcome Finance?

Loan Free Online Application

Welcome Finance online application is a real time application where you can easily encode your details and receive the confirmation immediately. Pre-screening is also available online where you can easily find out your Loan eligibility.

Easy Uploading Of Documents Anywhere

Welcome Finance digital capability is well advance that they will provide platform/site where the client can easily upload the documents needed under Online loan wherever they are.

Fast Customer Service Assistance

Sense of urgency is one of the valued principle of Welcome Finance.
Receipt of Online Loan application and assessment is confirmed and discussed through phone calls.

Fast Approval Within 24hrs

Immediate financial assistance is the core objective of Welcome Finance PH Loan, that is why all application will be processed within 1-2 days and result will be communicated thru email, sms, and website status check function.

How much can I borrow?

  • If you are Employed: P 20,000 to P 1,000,000
  • If you are Self-Employed: P 50,000 to P 3,000,000

How long does it take to get a loan online WelcomeFinancePH?

Loan process depends if the client submitted all the complete documents and participate in credit verifications. For smooth transaction it may run for 1-3 working days.

How will I know that my loan is approved?

You will receive a phone call from our sales associates to schedule you for loan release.

Is there an application fees?

Loan application is free. However, once the loan is disbursed processing fee and notarial fee will be deducted from loan disbursement.

Can I cancel my application?

Technically you can cancel your application anytime as long as you inform WelcomeFinancePH.

What is your mode of payment?

Repayment is thru Post-Dated-Check (PDC)

How long can I repay?

WelcomeFinancePH Loan terms varies as follows: Unsecured Loan: 12, 24, and 36 months while Secured Loan: 12 to 120 months.

I do not have credit card what product is good for me?

If you do not have credit card you may apply under Salary Loan Product.

I am an employed but also with a business which loan product best fits me?

It is client’s discretion which to Apply whether Personal/Salary loan or Business Loan, as long as the client passes through the qualifications.

Contacts WelcomeFinancePH

Direct No. : (02) 8282 8686 Mobile No. Smart : (02) 998 5941076Mobile No. Globe : (02) 917 8263957

(Monday ~ Friday, 9:00am ~ 6:00pm)

Unit 1804-1806 The Taipan Place Bldg.F.Ortigas Jr.Rd Ortigas Center Pasig City


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