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Quick Loans 24 hours 7 days a week from 1 000 to 100 000 PHP. There’s no waiting around. 24Pera will disburse money to your account on the same day. 24pera – instant online loans. Get up to 100 000 PHP at 0% interest. Loans are available throughout the Philippines.

Lending Company 24pera FINANCE CORP
Loan Amount up to ₱100,000.00
Loan Term 12 months
Interest Rates 30% per month

CashLoanPH DID NOT find the company 24 pera in the list of registered organizations on the SEC website, if you decide to contact them for services, carefully check all documents, it may not be safe!


Advantages of 24Pera PH

  • 24 HOURS WORK: Service works 24×7, including holidays and weekends
  • LOANS ARE AVAILABLE THROUGHOUT THE PHILIPPINES: You can get a loan anywhere in Filipin. All you need is access to the Internet!
  • SECURITY & PRIVACY: All your personal data is stored in an encrypted form

24Pera Loan Information for the borrower

Requirements for borrowers

  • Filipino citizenship
  • Age from 18 years old
  • Credit history
  • Contact number
  • Address
  • Email

Here are the required documents:

  • 2 valid IDs
  • Address of workplace
  • Two addresses and names of colleagues
  • Two addresses and names of relatives
  • Date of next payday

Conditions of receipt

  • The first loan up to 100,000 pesos is given at a rate of 0% in case of timely repayment;
  • Interest rates on loans from 30 to 360% per annum, on consumer loans and credit cards – from 17 to 31% per annum.
  • In case of violation of the deadline, the penalty is 0.10% of the delay amount per day, but not more than 10% of the loan amount;
  • Loan extension is possible by timely informing the lender (before the loan repayment date) and paying interest for the initial loan term. There are no additional commissions for extending the loan.

Consequences of non-payment of loan funds

If he does not return the loan amount or the amount of interest for using the loan at the agreed time, the creditor must impose a fine for delay in payment. Most creditors make concessions and give 3 additional working days for payment.

They are provided in the case, for example, if the bank transfer takes longer than usual. However, if you do not receive a response for a long time, you will be penalized for late payments, averaging 0.10% of the original loan amount, 0.03% of the average loan amount for consumer loans and credit cards.

If you do not comply with the requirements for repayment of the loan and loans, the data about you can be transferred to the list of the debtor or BCH, which can adversely affect your credit history and credit rating. Debt can be transferred to a collection agency for debt collection. If the delay is allowed, the extension of the loan is impossible.

As for all payment terms, the lender notifies you via SMS or short email. We recommend that you make a payment on the day you receive this reminder. Timely repaying the debt, you form a good credit history, which improves your credit rating and the probability of obtaining a loan on more favorable terms.

Information on the full cost of borrowed funds and the sample

A loan of 10 000 pesos is issued for 61 days with the extension of the contract. In 365 days below the contract rate is 1% per day (annual rate, respectively, will be equal to 365%). The total interest for this year is 36 500 rubles. (10,000 * 365% = 36,500), for 1 day 100 pesos (36,500 / 365 = 100), for 61 consecutive days, 6,100 pesos (100 * 61 = 6,100).

The total amount of payment is 16,100 rubles. (The main debt in the amount of 10,000 rubles + 6,100 rubles.). The total cost of borrowing in percent is 365% per annum

A bid is not an offer. The final conditions dictate a direct dialogue with the creditor.

Convenient Methods of Transactions

You can choose your preferred transaction method to receive or pay money. These methods include:

  • Visa/MasterCard
  • PayPal
  • Bank Transfer
  • WeChat Pay

You can also receive your money at a CU, but state your purpose for lending money.

FAQ About 24Pera PH

What is 24Pera PH?

24Pera PH is an online provider of legit online loans. This company works in the legal field, so you can be assured that they are legitimate lenders. They are efficient, agile and are available 24/7. They have an approval rate of 97%, so not only are they excellent with their services, they also have easy approval.

Is 24Pera PH Legit?

24Pera PH is legit. This company works in the legal field, so you can be assured that they are legitimate lenders.

Who can apply for a loan online at 24Pera?

  • Filipino citizen
  • Age from over 18 years old
  • Valid ID and Documents, In Employment

What is the longest 24Pera PH Cash loan term?

The longest loan period is 12 months.

What is First Loan Issued at 0%?

This is an awesome benefit no matter what you need a credit for. At 24 Pera, the first loan up to 100,000 PHP has a 0% IF. They do not apply additional fees unless your payment is overdue.

How much can I 24Pera first loan?

First loans range from PHP 1,000 – 50,000 and can grow up to PHP 100,000 if you pay on-time regularly.

Contacts 24Pera PH

24 Pera Corporation

  • Adress: 52 Bayani Road, Fort Bonifacio Taguig City, Metro Manila, Philippines 1230
  • Phone: (02) 303 2424
  • Email: [email protected]


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