What is BDO Swift Code and How to its Usage?

The BDO swift code is a widely accepted standard for identifying banks and financial institutions. It comprises the first four letters of the bank’s identifier and plays a vital role in identifying your bank during transactions such as incoming international ACH payments and wire transfers. If you’re interested in learning more about this code, read on for a detailed explanation.

What does BDO Swift Code mean?

In essence, BDO Swift Code refers to the identifier assigned to BANCO DE ORO UNIBANK, INC., with the Swift Code specifically designated as BNORPHMM or BNORPHMMXXX. Based in Manila, Philippines, BDO UNIBANK, INC. holds a Primary Office code known as BNORPHMM or BNORPHMMXXX, which also permits additional branch codes.

The Bank Identifier Code (BIC) is a 15-character string that provides a distinctive identification code for banks worldwide. It is comprised of both alphabetical and numerical characters that are segregated by periods, hence the full term SWIFT-BIC.

This can be interpreted as:



Bank Code

BNOR – code assigned to BDO UNIBANK, INC.

Country Code

PH – code belongs to the Philippines

Location Code

MM – code represents the institution location

Code Status

M – M means active code

Branch Code

not assigned or XXX – code indicates this is a head office

No matter which bank holds your account, you can utilize this code for funds transfer via wire. Essentially, the SWIFT system of their head office or branch manager will ensure that the money is seamlessly sent from one location to another with no difficulties experienced by either party involved!

What is the BDO Branch Swift Code?

When it comes to the branch Swift code, there is an additional three-character branch code included that identifies the specific branch under consideration! In many cases, this type of code demonstrates the bank branch and is now generally accepted.

Below is a comprehensive list of the SWIFT Codes applicable to affiliate companies or subsidiaries:

Banco de Oro (BDO)




MANILA – Main Branch (Head Office)

















What Makes BDO Swift Code an Ideal Choice for International Money Transfers?

When it comes to international banking, SWIFT codes are an integral part of facilitating secure and expedited payment transactions or fund transfers. Among the different SWIFT codes available, BDO Swift Code stands out for several reasons. Here are some of the advantages of using BDO Swift Code for international money transfers:

  1. Speedy Transactions: One of the top benefits of using BDO Swift Code is its speed. With this code, you can transfer funds quickly and securely to any bank account in any country across the globe. Whether you’re sending cash remittances or wire transfers from Filipino banks such as BDO Bank, BPI Corporate Payments Inc., or Landbank Corporation Ltd, BDO Swift Code ensures that your payment arrives at the recipient’s bank account promptly.
  2. Global Transaction Capability: Another great advantage of BDO Swift Code is its versatility. Unlike other payment methods, SWIFT codes allow for all types of transactions between banks in different countries globally. Whether you’re transferring funds for personal or business purposes, BDO Swift Code allows you to do so conveniently and efficiently.
  3. Access to Foreign Currencies: With BDO Swift Code, you can also easily access foreign currencies and deposit them into your account. This option lets you avoid hefty currency exchange fees, and it’s particularly helpful if you frequently travel or conduct business overseas.
  4. Widely Accepted: As one of the top banking institutions in the Philippines, BDO Bank is widely recognized and accepted around the world. This recognition means that BDO Swift Code is also widely accepted globally. This makes it easier for you to transfer funds to destinations that may not be well-known to other banks.

In a nutshell, choosing BDO Swift Code for your international banking needs presents a host of benefits, including speedy payment transactions, access to foreign currencies, and global transaction capability. So, if you’re looking for a reliable way to transfer funds internationally, BDO Swift Code is an ideal choice.

The Importance and Functions of BDO Swift Code in International Banking

Here are the various functions and importance of BDO Swift Code in international banking transactions:

  1. Identification of BDO: The BDO swift code is a unique identification number that distinguishes Banco de Oro Unibank from other financial institutions globally. This code is used to identify the bank that a payment or transfer is being sent to, ensuring that the funds are correctly allocated and processed.
  2. Secure Transactions: BDO Swift Code plays a crucial role in ensuring secure transactions. With this code, payments and transfers are conducted accurately and quickly. When you use the BDO Swift Code, your transaction is performed securely and with minimal risk of being misrouted or lost.
  3. International E-commerce: In today’s age of e-commerce, international transactions are a norm. To make payments securely on international e-commerce sites such as Amazon, eBay, or Snapdeal, BDO Swift Code comes in handy. The code acts as an authentication tool, ensuring that your payment or transfer is accepted and processed without any hitches.
  4. International Money Transfers: BDO Swift Code is also required for international money transfers. If you want to send or receive money from the Philippines to an international bank account, the BDO Swift Code is mandatory. This code is needed especially when the money being transferred is in a foreign currency. By using the BDO Swift Code, the transaction is seamless, and your funds can be transferred safely and securely.
  5. The Information Needed for Money Remittance Receipt: When someone sends money through BDO, the remittance receipt requires specific information such as the recipient’s name, account number at BDO, beneficiary bank name, address, and bank code. Having all this information accurately filled out ensures that the transaction is processed seamlessly.

Consequences of entering the wrong SWIFT code and what to do about it

It is essential to ensure that you utilize the correct bank code for your remittance. Utilizing an incorrect code could result in a delay or loss of your transaction. In some cases, financial institutions might not even deliver the transaction and charge hefty fees for providing incorrect SWIFT codes or a mere typo mistake.

To avoid such costly errors, it is highly recommended that you double-check and provide the accurate BIC or Swift code before initiating any remittance transactions. By doing so, you can guarantee that your funds are safely and securely delivered to the intended beneficiary.

How To Send Money To BDO Philippines?

To send money to BDO Philippines, you can utilize the convenient online bank transfer option available from 50 countries worldwide. The process can be completed quickly and securely with the best exchange rates.

Follow these easy steps: go to Worldremit, choose the Philippines on the list, select ‘Bank transfer’ as your preferred service, choose ‘BDO PHP accounts’ for the payout network, input the transfer amount, and provide recipient information such as their full name, address, account details, mobile number, and transfer reason. Once completed, the money will be instantly credited to the recipient’s account.


Here are some answers to frequently asked questions about BDO swift code:

How do I find BDO SWIFT CODE?

BDO SWIFT code can be found on their website, through online search, or in the bank statement. When entering the code, it is important to copy it correctly and ensure that it has 8 or 11 characters. The first four characters represent your bank, which will receive the transferred money.

Is BDO SWIFT Code Required for International Transfers?

In general, you will need to provide your BDO Swift code when sending money internationally. The SWIFT code is essential for verifying international transactions and can identify a specific bank account per sender/recipient pairing, based on their preferences on fund transfer destination. You might have encountered nine- or eleven-digit numbers on your bank account statements, which are not random but have a distinct purpose to inform you about where the transaction took place in the bank branch.


The Swift Code of BDO is a unique identifier assigned to banks and financial institutions worldwide. It functions similarly to an account number, but its purpose is to enable secure and speedy transfers of funds to any location on the planet. Upon allocation of this code to their institution, banks will furnish clients with instructions on how to utilize Swift codes for international transactions.

These benefits are particularly advantageous for business proprietors who regularly carry out international fund transfers. As a result, transfers are more straightforward and more convenient than ever!

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