Kviku Loan PH Review: Loan Infor, Terms, Legitimacy, Application Process, and More [New Update]

In a world where financial needs can often arise suddenly and urgently, access to reliable and convenient loan services is paramount. Kviku Loan Philippines, operated by Kviku Lending Co. INC., has emerged as a notable player in the realm of online lending services. In this in-depth review, CashLoanPH will dissect and analyze various facets of the Kviku Loan app, offering a comprehensive understanding of its legitimacy, terms, application process, interest rates, pros and cons, and much more. Our aim is to equip you with the knowledge you need to make informed financial decisions and navigate the world of online loans with confidence.

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Popular - 0% first loan


  • First Loan Range (PHP): 1000 - 10000
  • Maximum Loan Amount (PHP): 25000
  • Loan Period (days): 62 - 365


Fast Approve - 0% first loan


  • First Loan Range (PHP): 500 - 20000
  • Maximum Loan Amount (PHP): 20000
  • Loan Period (days): 62 - 365

OLP Loan

Hot Offer - 0% first loan


  • First Loan Range (PHP): 1000 - 7000
  • Maximum Loan Amount (PHP): 20000
  • Loan Period (days): 62 - 365

Finbro PH

Hot - 0% first loan


  • First Loan Range (PHP): 1000 - 15000
  • Maximum Loan Amount (PHP): 50000
  • Loan Period (days): 62 - 365


Express Loan - 0% first loan


  • First Loan Range (PHP): 1000 - 10000
  • Maximum Loan Amount (PHP): 20000
  • Loan Period (days): 62 - 365

Summary of Kviku Loan App

Let’s begin with a concise overview of the Kviku Loan app:

✅ Review ⭐ Kviku Loan App Review – Let’s delve into the world of Kviku Loan App, a financial solution worth exploring.
✅ Guide to Apply ⭐ How to Secure a Loan through Kviku Philippines – A step-by-step guide to navigate the loan application process.
✅ Loan Amount ⭐ Loan Amount Range – Kviku offers loans ranging from 500 to 25,000 PHP, catering to a variety of financial needs.
✅ Age Requirement ⭐ Eligibility Criteria – Individuals between 18 and 65 years old are eligible to apply for loans through Kviku.
✅ Loan Term ⭐ Flexible Repayment Terms – Kviku provides flexible loan repayment terms spanning 60 to 180 days.
✅ Interest Rate ⭐ Competitive Interest Rate – Benefit from a competitive monthly interest rate of just 1.2%, easing your finances.
✅ Pros ⭐ Advantages – Kviku’s strengths include a reliable finance calculator and a commendable lack of complaints.
✅ Cons ⭐ Drawbacks – It’s worth noting that initial loans do not feature zero interest, which may affect some borrowers.
✅ Effectiveness ⭐ Overall Effectiveness – The overall effectiveness of Kviku Loan App is judged to be good, delivering on its promises.
✅ Bad Debt ⭐ Flexible Approach – Kviku allows for addressing bad debt situations, providing a more accommodating lending experience.
✅ More Information ⭐ In-Depth Insights – For a deeper understanding, explore the detailed insights provided in this comprehensive article.
✅ Kviku App Download ⭐ Get the App – Access the Kviku Loan App through KVIKU WEBSITE to kickstart your financial journey.
✅ Contact Number ⭐ Customer Support – Reach out to Kviku through their dedicated contact number at 091284759032 for any assistance.
✅ Kviku Harassment ⭐ Report Harassment – In case of any concerns, you can contact Kviku via phone or email to address any issues.
✅ Registration Number ⭐ Officially Registered – Kviku is registered under CS201918702, ensuring a trustworthy and legitimate lending platform.


What is Kviku PH?

Kviku PH is a fully automated online loan service operating within the Philippines, facilitated by Kviku Lending Co. INC. This digital platform boasts a continuous, round-the-clock approval system, which hinges on the unique profiles and credit histories of individual customers. The loan offerings span from as low as 500 pesos to as high as 25,000 pesos. First-time borrowers have the option of installment payments over a period of up to 2 months, while returning borrowers are granted the flexibility to extend their installment periods for up to 6 months.

Pros of Kviku Loan App

Pros of Kviku Loan App

Kviku Loan App has garnered a reputation for its numerous advantages, making it an appealing choice for many:

  • 100% Online Convenience: Kviku offers a seamless, online experience for all loan transactions, catering to various financial needs.
  • Streamlined Registration: The registration process is remarkably straightforward, requiring just a single government-issued personal ID. Notably, there is no need for income documentation.
  • Accessibility Anytime, Anywhere: Applicants can register at their own convenience, including outside of regular office hours, on weekends, and even during holidays.
  • Rapid Approval: Kviku takes pride in expediting loan approvals, often disbursing funds within just 15 minutes, directly into the borrower’s bank account.
  • Transparent Fee Structure: A notable feature of Kviku is its commitment to transparency, ensuring that borrowers are provided with a clear and concise breakdown of the repayment amount right at the moment of loan application.
  • Legal Compliance: Kviku operates in strict adherence to legal regulations, guaranteeing the utmost confidentiality and protection of borrowers’ personal information.

Cons of Kviku Loan PH

However, as with any financial service, Kviku Philippines does come with certain limitations:

  • Limited Loan Ceiling: While Kviku caters to a broad spectrum of financial needs, its loan ceiling may not be sufficient for those seeking substantial sums.
  • Short Loan Durations: With a maximum loan term of 180 days, Kviku may not be the ideal choice for those who require longer-term loans.
  • No Support for Online Student Loans: It’s important to note that Kviku does not provide support for online student loans in the Philippines.

Kviku Online Loan Interest Rate

A crucial aspect of any loan service is the interest rate. For Kviku finance loans, the typical interest rate hovers around an average of 0.16% per day. However, it’s essential to understand that the precise interest rate applied to a loan will depend on various factors, including the borrower’s personal profile, credit score, and the requested loan amount.

Example of Kviku PH Interest Rate Calculation

To provide a tangible example, let’s consider a scenario in which customers utilize the Kviku online loan app in the Philippines to request a loan of 10,000 pesos for a duration of 2 months, with an interest rate of 0.16% per day. The loan breakdown can be calculated as follows:

  • Principal Amount Due in One Month: 5,000 pesos
  • Interest Amount Payable for a Month: Calculated as 10,000 pesos × 0.16% × 30 days = 480 pesos
  • Total Amount Payable for One Month: 5,480 pesos

This calculation serves to provide a clear and detailed understanding of the components that make up a loan, enabling borrowers to manage their financial obligations with greater confidence and clarity.

Kviku Online Loan App Requirements

It’s essential to understand the eligibility criteria for obtaining a loan through Kviku:

  • Applicants must be Filipino citizens and fall within the age range of 20 to 55 years old.
  • The lending company in the Philippines requires a valid government-issued identification (ID).
  • The provided phone number must be operational and not blocked for two-way communication.

For your initial Kviku loan application, you will need to furnish all the necessary personal information as mandated by the system. Additionally, borrowers have the option to provide supplementary documents such as payslips, income tax returns (ITR), a certificate of employment (COE), or your company’s ID. If you are self-employed or represent an enterprise, presenting the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) registration can lead to a higher and more expeditious approval quota.

In the case of subsequent loans with Kviku, returning applicants need only to log into their account, select the desired loan amount, and submit a new loan application. The loan will be approved automatically, streamlining the borrowing process.

Guide to Kviku Loan PH Application Step-by-step

How to Apply Kviku Loan PH Application

Here is a comprehensive step-by-step guide on how to apply for a Kviku loan:

Step 1: Select Loan Amount and Duration

  • Visit the Kviku homepage by following this link: KVIKU WEBSITE
  • Choose the desired loan amount and the installment period that suits your personal requirements.

Step 2: Complete Personal Information

  • Fill out the Kviku application form with essential personal details, including your full name, date of birth, gender, ID number, email address, and phone number. Make sure to check the box to agree to the terms and conditions, and then click “Continue.”

Step 3: Verification Code

  • You will receive a verification code via SMS. Enter this code to confirm your phone number. The system will then inform you about your approved loan and its duration.

Step 4: Bank Account Details

  • Provide your personal bank account information for the loan disbursement.

Step 5: Await Disbursement

  • The system will notify you that the loan amount is being transferred to your bank account. Depending on your bank, it may take 1-2 business days for the funds to appear in your account.

Step 6: Check Loan and Payment Details

  • Access your personal account on the Kviku website to view comprehensive loan information. Here, you will find details such as payment schedules, amounts, and payment instructions.

Customers are advised to make timely payments to avoid any inconvenience or potential collection efforts by Kviku.

Reviews Kviku Loan App Feedback

Kviku loan evaluations garner significant praise due to their exceptional service quality, speed, reliability, convenience, and borrower-friendly accessibility. Here are a few exemplary snippets of feedback:

  • “Kviku has been a lifesaver for me during unexpected financial crises. The quick approval and transparency in fees make it a top choice for short-term loans.”
  • “I appreciate the fact that Kviku operates legally and values my privacy. Their online service has made borrowing money so much easier.”
  • “Kviku has certainly raised the bar when it comes to online loan services. Their quick disbursement and clear terms give them a competitive edge.”

These testimonials provide insights into the real-world experiences of Kviku’s customers, highlighting the positive impact this financial service has had on their lives.

Kviku PH Repayment

Repaying your Kviku loan is a crucial aspect of the borrowing process, and Kviku offers multiple convenient options for making payments:

Option 1: Bank Card Payment

  • Log in to your Kviku account.
  • Navigate to the payment section and choose Dragonpay as your payment method.
  • Follow the provided link to complete the loan payment.

Option 2: Bank Transfer

  • Transfer the payment amount to account number 100590307609 at UnionBank.
  • Use the SWIFT code UBPHPHMM.
  • Make the transfer payable to KVIKU LENDING CO INC.
  • Include the loan contract number in the payment reference.

Option 3: Cash Payment at Authorized Centers

  • You can make cash payments at various payment centers, including GCash, Cebuana Lhuillier, LBC, Bayad Center, Robinsons Beautiful’t. Store, SM Dep’t/Supermarket/Savemore Counter, ECPay, RD Pawnshop, and 7/11 (Dragonloans).

Option 4: GCash Payment

  • Access your GCash account and choose DragonLoans as your payment recipient.

Compare Kviku Loan PH with other Loan Apps

To help you make an informed choice, we’ve prepared a comparison of Kviku Loan PH with other popular loan apps based on criteria such as loan limits, interest rates, loan terms, age requirements, and browsing time.

App Limits Interest Term Age Browsing Time
Kviku 500 – 25000 pesos 4.8% per month 2 – 6 months 20 – 55 years old 5 minutes
Crezu 1000 – 25000 pesos 1% – 3% per month 2 – 4 months 18 – 70 years old 5 minutes
Digido 500 – 30000 pesos 12% per month 3 – 6 months 21 – 70 years old 5 minutes

This comparison chart allows you to assess how Kviku Loan PH stacks up against other popular loan apps in the market, helping you make an informed decision based on your specific financial needs.

Kviku Loan Customer Service

Kviku Lending Co., INC. operates from the following location: Location: 18A Trafalgar Plaza, 105 H.V. Dela Costa Street, Salcedo Village, Makati City, Philippines.

For Kviku Complaints, Reach Out to Them at: Contact Number: 0912-847-59032

Kviku prioritizes customer satisfaction and offers multiple avenues for reaching out to their support team, ensuring that your concerns and inquiries are addressed promptly and efficiently.

FAQs – Kviku Loan PH Review

Here are some commonly asked questions about Kviku loans, along with their respective answers:

Is Kviku a legitimate platform?

Yes, Kviku is a reputable online lending platform developed by Kviku Lending Co. Inc. Kviku is fully registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and holds Certificate of Authority No. 3169 and NPC Registration No. PIC-001-791-2021. All lending activities conducted by Kviku adhere to legal regulations and ensure the utmost confidentiality of personal information.

What are the payment options for Kviku loans?

Kviku offers borrowers four convenient methods for loan repayment:

  • Option 1: Pay by bank card through a provided link number.
  • Option 2: Make a bank transfer to KVIKU LENDING CO INC’s account at Union Bank.
  • Option 3: Pay in cash at authorized payment centers such as Cebuana Lhuillier, LBC, Bayad Center, Robinsons, and others.
  • Option 4: Use GCash for payment.

How can I pay Kviku using GCash?

To make a Kviku loan payment through GCash, follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Open GCash and select “Pay bills.”
  • Step 2: Choose “Dragonloans.”
  • Step 3: Enter the contract reference number, the payment amount, phone number, and email.
  • Step 4: Confirm the payment details to complete the Kviku loan payment process. Upon successful payment, you will receive a notification via message or email from the system.

Is Kviku registered with the SEC?

Yes, Kviku is legally registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) since September 1, 2021, under registration number CS201918702. Kviku Lending Co., Inc. operates as a lending finance company in the Philippines and fully complies with all provisions of Philippine law governing online loan services.


In the realm of online lending, when you find yourself in search of modest sums, the Kviku Loan App in the Philippines stands out as a distinguished and optimal choice. It comes to the aid of customers, swiftly addressing their financial requirements with minimal interest rates and a streamlined application process. The reviews and feedback from satisfied customers attest to its efficacy, reliability, and convenience.

Should you find this article informative and beneficial, we kindly invite you to bestow a well-deserved 5-star review upon CashLoanPH! Your feedback is valuable and can guide others in their financial decisions.

For any inquiries or doubts that may arise, please do not hesitate to leave your questions in the comments section, and we will strive to provide prompt responses. At Kviku, your financial needs are our priority, and we are here to assist you every step of the way.

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