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Applying for a pera247 loan is simple! Download the pera247 loan app. Get the app from the Google Play Store and apply for an Instant Loan Up to to ₱15,000.

Pera247 PH is a mobile app that offers credit products at affordable rates. You can borrow cash amounts of up to ₱15,000 in the Philippines!

Loan Name Pera247
Loan Amount ₱1000 – ₱15,000
Loan Term 72 – 100 days
SEC Registration  CS201734339

Get a Personal Loan Online! Fast Cash Credit


About Pera247

Pera247 Lending Corporation is a duly registered lending company under SEC (SEC Registration No.: CS201734339 with Certificate of Authority (to operate as a lending company) No.: 2582).

Pera247 Lending Corporation adheres to the strictest of standards in responsible lending as governed by its board of directors, including compliance with:

  1. registration and certification with the National Privacy Commission (No.: PIC-001-172-2019);
  2. Truth-in-Lending Act;
  3. Fair Collection Practices;
  4. Anti-Money Laundering; and 5
  5. membership in Fintech Protects Community of Practice by The Smart Campaign, an initiative of the Center for Financial Inclusion (CFI) at Accion.

InstantLoan Rates & Sample Calculation

  • Loan amount: ₱1,000 to ₱15,000
  • Processing fee: 3%
  • Monthly interest rate: 2%
  • Maximum Annual Percentage Rate (APR): 24%
  • Minimum repayment period offered: 72 days
  • Maximum repayment period offered: 100 days

Juan De La Cruz borrows cash to pay bills before his payday. He borrows ₱3,000 with a 90 day term. He would then owe a processing fee of ₱90, interest rate of ₱189 for a total payment of ₱3,279

[₱3,000 (principal) + ₱90 (processing fee) + ₱189 (interest rate) = ₱3,279 (total payment)]

**Maximum Effective Interest Rate (EIR) in this example is at 3% per month.

3 Steps Simple Get A Loan On Pera247

Applying for a pera247 loan is very simple, only take 5 minutes!

  1. Download the “Pera247 App“. Get the app from the Google Play Store and apply for an InstantLoan.
  2. Apply for a loan. Tap “Apply for an InstantLoan.” Answer a few questions, choose your loan amount and payment terms, then verify your identity.
  3. Get cash once approved.

Why Choose Pera247 Loan?

Pera247 Cash Loan

  • FAST AND SIMPLE All it takes are a few taps on your smartphone and money will be sent immediately once approved. Only 1 valid ID and selfie required!
  • DIGITAL END-TO-END Your application will be fully digital. No documents or face-to-face interactions required for a fast and convenient process.
  • TRANSPARENT AND RESPONSIBLE We’ll show you the full cost of your loan with no hidden charges. We’ll clearly explain when and how to repay, even reminding you along the way. We’ll also encourage and educate you on responsible borrowing and financial planning and management. pera247 is always compliant with the Philippines Truth in Lending Act (RA 3765).
  • SAFE & SECURE DATA PRIVACY Data privacy is very important to us. We’re registered with the National Privacy Commission and follow its strict guidelines to ensure the privacy and security of your personal information.

FAQ Pera247 PH

Is Pera247 loan Safe?

If you are asking is Pera247 Philippines legit, you can be sure that the company is operating legally. Pera247 Philippines is SEC registered and is certified for this purpose. Its SEC Registration number is CS201734339. and its Certificate of Authority number is 2582.

What happens if you dont pay Pera247?

Plantado, head of customer service for, notes that if you do not pay your existing loans regularly, you will get a negative record and a bad credit history. You will be blacklisted and will not be able to get any more cash loans for blacklisted

How much is Pera247 processing fee?

Pera247 loan Philippines Information You Should Know:

Loan form Online loan
Loan term 3 – 6 months
Loan interest 11.9%/month
Processing fee Yes
Consulting fee Yes

How much is the first loan in Pera247?

First-time borrowers will be eligible for loans between PHP 1,000 and PHP 3,000. Repeat borrowers are eligible for loans between PHP 1,000 and PHP 15,000.

How much can you loan in Pera247?

Pera247 offers loans in Philippines of PHP 1,000 – 15,000 with no interest on the first loan for 7 days. The only requirement is proof of identity and income.

What is InstantLoan?

Instant Loan is pera247’s short-term loan offer between ₱1,000 to ₱15,000, payable within 30 days. First-time borrowers will receive up to ₱3,000. This amount may increase with regular early or on-time repayments.

Repeat customers may reapply for another loan instantly and are eligible for higher loan amounts. However, repeat loan applications are subject to re-review and re-verification at the time of re-application. Based on your payment discipline and credit history, your maximum loan amount is subject to change.

Are there additional fees?

Pera247 charge a processing fee on the loan amount. This amount is displayed on your Cash Loan Agreement Disclosure prior to confirming your loan on your cash.

A late fee is only charged if the loan is not paid on time. For your reference: If full repayment is made after 5 days of being past due, a late fee % per day is charged on the past due amount for the total number of days past due date (note that interest will continue to be charged as per your loan interest rate on any outstanding unpaid balance for days unpaid).

How long is the loan online application process?

The loan application process includes answering a brief application and uploading valid identification – this should take anywhere from 5-10 minutes. The loan approval process can be completed within the same day or more depending on the completeness and accuracy of the information you provided.

How do I cancel my application?

Your loan will be automatically cancelled if you fail to accept the loan agreement within 2 days, or fail to collect the disbursed loan amount within 7 days.

How do I repay Pera247?

Repayment of your pera247 loan is as simple as a typical bill payment and can be completed through the following countrywide methods/establishments: ‍

  1. GCash Payment
  2. 7-Eleven Cliqq Kiosk
  3. PayExpress via M Lhuillier, SM Bills, Truemoney, and other Partner Channels


  • Pay on time to avoid penalties.
  • Always keep a copy of your payment receipt/s until your loan has successfully closed.
  • NEVER PROVIDE your password, OTPs, or verification codes. Remember that pera247 will NEVER ASK for these information.


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