PesoRedee Philippines: Fast and Convenient Online Lending Service up to PHP 20,000

PesoRedee PH is a digital financial platform that offers a fresh approach for Filipinos to obtain loans. Without the need for collateral or waiting time, you can apply for a quick loan 24/7.

If you need fast cash, apply now and receive approval within 24 hours! There’s no tedious processing or collateral requirements with PesoRedee – just fast, convenient cash.

⭐️ Loan Name PesoRedee PH
⭐️ Loan Amount up to PHP 20,000
⭐️ Loan Term 90 days to 720 days
⭐️ SEC No. CS201804564

0% interest online PesoRedee loan app for filipinos.


About PesoRedee PH

PesoRedee PH is a loan company that’s using financial technology to make lending easier and more efficient. Everything is done online, so you don’t have to worry about visiting an office or dealing with a complicated approval process.

They’re all about providing fast and easy financial solutions to Filipinos without any collateral or lengthy wait times. What’s more, PesoRedee is always looking for new and innovative ways to serve their customers and provide them with the best loan products possible.

With a strong commitment to transparency and high business standards, PesoRedee is definitely a company you can trust.

Why choose PesoRedee PH for your loan?

  • Repeater benefits: Repay your loan on time and get up to ₱20,000 on your next loans and other perks.
  • Simple process: No need for collateral, just one valid ID, and no payslips or proofs of billing required.
  • Fast approval and disbursement: Get a decision in just a few minutes and receive your money in less than 5 minutes, 24/7 even on holidays.
  • Flexible repayment terms: If unforeseen circumstances arise through no fault of your own, you can get a 14-day extension.
  • Transparent costs: See the full cost upfront and use the calculator to estimate fees before making a decision.

Who is eligible for a PesoRedee PH loan

To apply for a loan, customers must meet the following requirements:

  • Age between 22 and 70 years old.
  • Currently employed or have a steady source of income.
  • Possess a valid identification card such as TIN, Passport, PRC, UMID, SSS, or Driver’s License.
  • Maintain a valid bank account or E-wallet account such as Gcash, Paymaya, or Grabpay.

Ensuring that you meet these requirements will help to streamline your loan application process.

How To Apply Loan Online In PesoRedee PH?

If you’re interested in applying for a loan with PesoRedee PH, please follow these simple steps:

  • Step 1: Visit the PesoRedee website or mobile application and navigate to the online calculator to select your desired loan amount and loan term.
  • Step 2: Accurately fill out all required details.
  • Step 3: Wait for approval. PesoRedee will send you an SMS for confirmation, or they may contact you for further verification.

By following these easy steps, you can apply for a loan with PesoRedee quickly and conveniently.


What is PesoRedee PH?

PesoRedee Philippines is an online lending service that offers quick access to up to PHP 20,000. The company specializes in online micro and consumer financing, with all processes conducted virtually. PesoRedee Philippines does not require collateral, only minimal requirements, making their services fast, convenient, and transparent.

Is PesoRedee PH Legit?

Yes, PesoRedee PH is legit. Upon visiting the SEC website, it is clear that Peso Redee Financing Co., Inc. is a registered company with the registration number CS201804564 and SEC registration number #1165, as of 03-Apr-18. Additionally, Peso Redee is also registered with the National Privacy Commission, ensuring that customer privacy and data protection are a top priority.

How much can I Apply loan with PesoRedee PH?

PesoRedee Loan App offers loan amounts that vary based on your status as a borrower. For first-time applicants, the loanable amount ranges from ₱1,000 to ₱7,000. However, repeat borrowers in good standing have the opportunity to borrow up to ₱30,000.

What is the processing time for receiving the loan amount?

With PesoRedee PH, you can receive loan approval within just 5 minutes, and an automatic SMS notification will be sent to you. Once approved, you can receive the cash within 5 minutes through InstaPay.

How To Repay Loan with PesoRedee PH?

To ensure timely repayment of your loan with Peso Redee, you can utilize a variety of payment services, including 7-Eleven, PayMaya, Bayad Center, LBC, Cebuana Lhuillier, Coins Philippines, GCash, RD Pawnshop, and Palawan Express.

Can I trust PesoRedee with my personal information?

Yes, you can. PesoRedee is a registered loan company that adheres to data protection and privacy regulations set by the National Privacy Commission. Your information will be securely stored, respected, and not be used for fraudulent or unauthorized activities.

Contacts PesoRedee PH

Lending Company Peso Redee Financing Inc.

SEC Registration Number CS201804564. Certificate of Authority #1165.

Email [email protected]


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