Is SSS Calamity Loan Still available 2023?


The SSS Calamity Loan Assistance Program (CLAP) has been a valuable financial lifeline for many Filipinos during times of natural disasters and calamities. However, as of 2023, the program is no longer available. This article aims to provide an overview of the program’s status, the recent availment period, and alternative financial options that individuals can explore in case of future emergencies.

SSS Calamity Loan Assistance Program (CLAP) Discontinuation

The SSS Calamity Loan Assistance Program (CLAP) has been a crucial support system for individuals facing financial hardships caused by calamities in the Philippines. Unfortunately, the program is currently unavailable as of 2023. The last availment period for the CLAP was from November 17, 2022, to February 16, 2023. This suspension of the program was in response to the declaration of a state of calamity in several regions due to natural disasters.

Potential Reintroduction of CLAP in the Future

While the CLAP is not available at present, it’s essential to stay informed about future developments. The SSS may reintroduce the CLAP in response to other calamities that may arise in the future. To remain updated on the program’s availability, individuals are advised to regularly check the SSS website or monitor their social media pages.

Alternative Financial Options for Calamity Assistance

In the absence of the CLAP, individuals who require financial assistance due to calamities can explore several alternative options offered by the Social Security System (SSS). Here are some noteworthy options:

SSS Personal Accident Insurance (PAI)

The SSS Personal Accident Insurance (PAI) offers a safety net for members and their families in case of unfortunate accidents resulting in death or disability. The insurance provides a death benefit of up to PHP50,000 and a disability benefit of up to PHP25,000. To avail the PAI, interested members can apply online or visit any SSS branch for assistance.

SSS Family Loan Program (FLP)

The SSS Family Loan Program (FLP) is an alternative loan program available to SSS members who have at least 36 monthly contributions. Under this program, members can access loans with a maximum amount of PHP75,000 and a loan term of up to 5 years. The FLP offers a viable solution for individuals facing financial difficulties and needing support to cope with calamities.

SSS Emergency Loan Program (ELP)

The SSS Emergency Loan Program (ELP) is designed to cater to the immediate financial needs of SSS members who have at least 12 monthly contributions. Through this program, members can avail loans of up to PHP10,000, with a loan term of up to 2 years. The ELP is a short-term financial solution to assist individuals during challenging times.


As the SSS Calamity Loan Assistance Program (CLAP) is not available in 2023, individuals facing financial difficulties due to natural disasters need to be aware of other options. The SSS offers valuable alternatives such as the Personal Accident Insurance (PAI), Family Loan Program (FLP), and Emergency Loan Program (ELP).

By keeping track of the SSS website and staying informed about these alternative financial options, Filipinos can be better prepared to weather future calamities and seek the support they need during challenging times. For additional information and assistance, individuals can reach out to the SSS hotline at 1455 or visit any SSS branch.

Source: 2022-029 – Republic of the Philippines Social Security System

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