Reasons Why You Don’t Get Loans


Not everyone who applies for a loan is guaranteed to be approved immediately. In fact, more loan applicants are declined than approved. We cannot blame the lenders or loan officers because they themselves provide the requirements that we have to provide before they allow us to avail the loan. Here is some of the list reasons why you are not being loaned.

1. No Source of Income

When you ask how you can get paid if you don’t have a job just say. ”As long as I can pay you ma’am.” This is the first thing a creditor wants to know and then you answer “as long as”, that is not possible.

Any lender, whether it’s a company, private or 56, will definitely not lend to you unless you have collateral or something you can hold.

2. No Government ID or Any Proof of His Identity

No ID. No NBI clearance. Just say “Just trust ma’am”. You can get brgy ID and love ID. Those are just free ones. So there is no reason not to have an ID.

3. Inconsistency

It’s always because the husband, children, cousins, mother, grandmother and so on are sick. They say it’s an emergency check up If it’s really an emergency, why is it possible to post a borrower? The reasons are different. Just keep it ready for a birthday, or sell it for the things you want. Then when you look at the profile, it’s just happy. ”Chillin’ with my friends.” The status. Jusko!

4. Liar

The mother is sick. I used to work in BPO and my cousins ​​also had the same job. You can’t fool me that after a year there is still an HMO even if it is regular. Because many BPO companies that right after regularization have an HMO and it covers a dependent. If you are single. Your dependents are parents. SO DON’T ME. if exposed to lies, I will be blocked. Coming soon of these people.

5. Facebook Fake Accounts

How will the lender trust you if you face him wearing a mask? Or any person, will you trust if someone wants to ask you but doesn’t want to show himself and is facing someone else?

6. Insignificant Use of Debtor

There are other lenders who look at your money handling habits as a criteria for you to get a loan. They are the ones who won’t give you money if you use luxuries of life and don’t really need them. For example, you will take out a loan to buy an expensive iPhone. Borrow money for a party. Borrow money for travel. But you don’t have a stable source of income.

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CashLoanPH Answered question 09/02/2023

Maraming dahilan kung bakit hindi ka pinapautang ng isang lender o panalo. Ang ilan sa mga ito ay:

  1. Hindi ka nakakatugma sa mga pamantayan ng kredito – Ang mga lender ay nangangailangan ng mga kliyente na may mabuting record sa pagbabayad ng utang at sa pagpapakalma sa kanilang pera.
  2. Hindi sapat ang kita – Ang lender ay nangangailangan na ang kliyente ay may sapat na kita upang malunasan ang kanilang utang sa tamang panahon.
  3. Walang collateral – Ang collateral ay maaaring maging isang bahay, sasakyan, o anumang ari-arian na maaaring ibenta kung hindi maaring bayaran ang utang.
  4. Karanasan sa utang – Ang mga lender ay nangangailangan ng mga kliyente na hindi may record ng hindi pagbabayad ng utang sa nakaraan.
  5. Pagkakaroon ng co-signer – Ang co-signer ay isang taong handang tumulong sa pagbabayad ng utang kung hindi maaring bayaran ng borrower.

Ang mga ito ay ilan lamang sa mga dahilan kung bakit hindi ka pinapautang. Ang importante ay magtulungan sa pag-unlad ng iyong kredito score at pagpapakalma sa pera upang makatulong sa pagkakaroon ng loan sa hinaharap.

CashLoanPH Answered question 09/02/2023
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