Requirements for Home Credit Cellphone Loan: List of Documents You Must Bring


Home Credit Philippines has experienced rapid growth and emerged as one of the leading lenders in the country. With its wide range of loan offerings that cater to the diverse needs of individuals, it has become a popular choice among borrowers. Among these loan options, the Home Credit cellphone loan, also known as the product financing service, has gained significant traction.

This loan allows customers to acquire their desired mobile devices without the burden of paying the full price upfront. By fulfilling a few simple requirements, applicants can easily avail themselves of this loan facility.

The Growing Popularity of Home Credit in the Philippines

In a relatively short span of time, Home Credit has established itself as one of the largest and most sought-after lending institutions in the Philippines. Its ability to meet the demands of a wide customer base with efficiency and effectiveness has contributed significantly to its success.

The company’s commitment to providing accessible and convenient loan solutions has resonated with Filipinos, resulting in its massive growth and popularity.

The Home Credit Cellphone Loan

The Home Credit cellphone loan has become a favorite among individuals seeking to purchase mobile phones. Recognizing the high demand for smartphones and the financial constraints faced by many, Home Credit offers a flexible financing option that allows customers to own their desired devices without the need for an immediate full payment.

This loan facility enables customers to make a downpayment, apply for the loan, and bring home their chosen mobile phone. By breaking down the cost into manageable installments, Home Credit empowers individuals to stay connected and enjoy the latest mobile technology.

The Simple Requirements for the Home Credit Cellphone Loan

One of the key advantages of the Home Credit Cellphone Loan is its minimal documentation requirements. To apply for this loan, you only need to provide the following documents:

Valid Government-Issued ID

A valid government-issued ID that clearly indicates your address and date of birth is essential. This identification document is crucial for Home Credit to verify your identity and establish your eligibility for the loan.

If your ID does not display both your address and date of birth, you can supplement it with a secondary ID that provides the missing details. Home Credit understands the importance of thorough identification verification and ensures the security and integrity of the loan application process.


To avail yourself of the Home Credit Cellphone Loan, you are required to make a downpayment equivalent to at least 30% of the selling price of the mobile device you wish to purchase. This downpayment serves as a commitment from the customer and facilitates the loan process.

By contributing a portion of the device’s cost upfront, borrowers demonstrate their willingness to fulfill their financial obligations and enhance their chances of loan approval.

Accepted IDs for the Loan Application

Home Credit recognizes a range of primary and secondary IDs for the loan application process. The primary IDs accepted by Home Credit include:

  • Voter’s ID
  • Driver’s License ID
  • Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) ID (requires a secondary ID with address)
  • Postal ID (New)
  • Philippine Identification Card
  • Unified Multi-Purpose ID (UMID)

In addition to the primary IDs, Home Credit also accepts the following secondary IDs/documents:

  • NBI Clearance
  • Barangay Certificate
  • Phone Bill

These secondary IDs/documents serve as additional proof of identity and address, supplementing the primary ID. By accepting a wide range of IDs, Home Credit ensures that applicants have multiple options to meet the necessary identification requirements, making the loan application process more inclusive and accessible.


With its Home Credit cellphone loan, Home Credit Philippines has transformed the way individuals can acquire mobile devices. By offering a convenient financing option, Home Credit has made owning a smartphone more accessible to a broader audience. The minimal requirements for the loan application, including a valid government-issued ID and a downpayment, make the process hassle-free.

Home Credit’s commitment to providing flexible financial solutions and understanding the unique needs of its customers has solidified its position as a trusted and reliable lender in the Philippines. As technology continues to evolve, Home Credit remains dedicated to helping individuals stay connected and empowered through their cellphone loan offerings.

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