Simple Earn: The simple way to Deposit & Earn with Binance Philippines


In the dynamic realm of financial markets, Binance Philippines introduces Simple Earn as an innovative platform, offering users a seamless approach to Deposit & Earn. This professional guide aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of the intricacies of Simple Earn, emphasizing the diverse opportunities available for individuals looking to maximize their digital assets.


  1. Operational Framework: Simple Earn facilitates users in earning rewards by depositing digital assets for either flexible or locked durations. Subscribers can opt for Flexible Products, allowing them to start earning rewards instantly, or Locked Products with redemption dates specified for each subscription.
  2. Rewards Structure for Flexible Products: Flexible Products yield rewards based on Real-Time APR and Bonus Tiered APR. Real-Time APR, subject to minute-by-minute changes, accumulates rewards directly in the Earn Wallet. Bonus Tiered APR, presented through a tiered rate structure, offers daily-changing rewards distributed to the Spot Wallet.
  3. Redemption Policy for Flexible Products: Upon successful redemption requests, Flexible Product assets return to the Spot Wallet. However, daily redemption limits, subject to potential changes, may apply due to market volatility, network delays, or unforeseen events affecting processing times.
  4. Tracking Earned Rewards: Real-Time APR rewards reflect directly on the Flexible Product balance in the Earn Wallet, while Bonus Tiered APR rewards are deposited in the Spot Wallet. Users can monitor their earnings in the Earn Wallet or refer to Simple Earn History for historical records.
  5. Rewards for Locked Products: Locked Product APR, subject to daily adjustments, accrues rewards the day after subscription. Early redemption for selected Locked Products incurs a loss of received rewards, with the principal amount deducted by the distributed rewards in the Spot Wallet.
  6. Auto-Subscribe Feature for Locked Products: Auto-subscription to the same Locked Product occurs on the expiration day, with interest accruing immediately. Rewards are distributed to the Spot Wallet the next day, though this feature is applicable only to selected Locked Products.
  7. APR Determination and Yield Sources: Simple Earn APR rewards are determined by Binance, considering factors ensuring sustainability and competitiveness. User-deposited assets may be utilized for on-chain staking, loans, or operational purposes within Binance. Periodic promotional campaigns may also introduce short-term APR offerings on select tokens.
  8. Seeking More Information: For in-depth insights, users are encouraged to explore articles in the Support Center or refer to the comprehensive Terms and Conditions provided.
  9. Synergies with Launchpool: Subscribing to Simple Earn Locked Products enables users to receive rewards from both Simple Earn and Launchpool. BNB assets are evenly allocated across concurrent Launchpool projects, subject to project-specific restrictions.


Simple Earn on Binance opens a gateway to a world of financial opportunities. By understanding the operational nuances and leveraging the diverse reward structures, users can navigate this ecosystem with confidence. For ongoing updates and detailed information, users are encouraged to explore the Support Center and stay informed about the latest developments in Simple Earn.

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